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  • Please try not to generalize. think of it like "the elements who supported them were also happen to be from JI". Don't hate the whole party or sect, its not in there "manshoor". I mean if we keep on generalizing we may end up hating every one else except for our selves.
    I have a great idea, lets send the Taliban, Jamaat e Islami, Deobandi and the league of extremists to Israel by Boat.

    Taliban are OK but whats with the Jamat-e-Islami and Deobandi?
    Do you know what was AIR LIFT OF EVIL?

    it was a lie propogated by Ahmed Rashid and his alikes. no truth in it only a propoganda
    T-FAz, you are a good contributor, but cut out the flames and trolling please. Example being 'when are you and your RAW friends visiting'.
    Thanks, that is what we are here for, to discuss and share information, thoughts and exchange views.

    Any problem with a member or post, just report it, even you can PM me the link to the thread and posts.

    Yeah, i read that part also, but i believe he did not said anything which can be termed derogatory against a specific sect. He said what is the general concept here in pakistan about that sect. He is not alone in it, majority, rather i would say 99.99% of the people have the same thing in mind about the specific sect. But if you have something to clear up about the concept, then mention that and not get personal. Plus, i believe he was responding to that Indian member who had posted that video and started the debate, and BB just replied back to clear up what the situation is in this regard pertaining to the specific sect being talked about.

    If i missed some derogatory or personal remark against you or that specific sect, plz let me know, will take care of it.

    It would be better if you stop getting personal and attacking members.

    To you some may look nuisance, similarly, to others you may be a nuisance on this forum.

    So keep your such statements and remarks about members to yourself, if any issue with a post or member, just report, no need for your fatwa on threads.

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