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  • :)

    Was out of PDF for quite some time, not coz' of ban bdw. :P
    Was a bit busy with university applications, selection, studies and IDF.
    hi swaatee long time no see??????????????

    waise kindly have a look at my new thread about best avatar's @ members club, hanks.
    hi swati , wanna have some fun .......i yes then try here ....Options for PAF After India Selects Rafale for MMRCA @ pakistan air force
    नहीं बस ऐसे ही पूछ रहा था| क्या हाल है बहनजी?
    പെങ്ങള്* മലയാളി ആണോ?
    You dear sister malayali?
    എന്നാ ചേച്ചി. സുഖം തന്നെ?
    Hello Swati,

    I just happen to be on your profile. Admired your families association with the armed forces. But, my advice will be to held back all those info about your family associations and posting details names etc. Its sensitive to armed forces and also a threat to national and personal security.

    Thanks in advance

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