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  • Chor yaar yahaan kaafi Qadiyaani hain in ko saabit kar k kia miley ga humein.... If they want to prove something they should go to court
    I can send u the screen shot of the message he left ( containing the abuse).
    the discussion can be followed at:

    My post here is what T-Faz kept replying to.
    there were some private msgs exchanged as well, I am no longer able to send them to you as my account is banned.
    Please see if you can access it.

    Basically he has some personal issues with Gen Zia, whose picture I have as my avatar.
    Secondly he has personal issues with Qadyani bieng termed as non muslims.
    Thirdly he has an issue with my location @ Saudi Arabia and sterotyped me as Wahabi/ salafi;
    Can you give me the links of the discussions you guys had, so that i can look into them and see.
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