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  • ffasial@hotmail.com

    Apni CV is oper wali email id par bhaij is main F do dafa hai .

    Aur Haan STFU ainda khudkhushi ka na kehna.Sharam kar.

    Mard Ban .
    I suggest you to use Spell Checker. If i find incorrect spelling in your posts, you will be banned until you learn to use the spell checker.
    Bro, a sincere request. I like the points that you raise but please use punctuations like commas and full-stops. For a person trying to debate with you, its becomes very hard to comprehend your argument. It would be easier for the other person to have a healthier debate with your if your posts are more readable. I do not wish to give you an english lesson but just some heartfelt advice.
    Once the matter has been addressed, there is no need to leave any other post that refers to it on the thread.

    Its off topic and can derail the thread.
    Dude you cannot keep copying and pasting information WITHOUT providing a source as well.

    After taking the information you want either write the name of the website you got it from OR copy and paste the web address.
    Super Falcon bhaijaan aap please Sentence likhne k dauraan full stop/commas use kiya karain.... aap ki baat samjhne mein buhat time lag jaata hy.... :(

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