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    Indian Army News & Discussions

    so indian army man have long hair and wear salwar kameez 😂 . do your propaganda somewhere else. https://www.opindia.com/2021/11/chinese-media-tweets-morphed-images-to-claim-victory-in-galwan-valley/ oh, they did not show you the our side. let me show you than.... i have the video but i can't...
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    Chill Bangladesh Thread

    Bro why you are giving reply to that bilal9 guy??!! He is an ignorant guy, who always want some attantion. I saw his comments, It's totally irrelevant and bogus. He only know 2 words RSS and BJP. Anyways , Don't need to give him any kind of reply, just let him talk whatever he want, no one cares.
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    Imran Khan Versus Narendra Modi UN Speech: Who won?

    the thing is Modi don't give a damn about Imran khan.
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    Pak vs NZ: New Zealand team cancels Pakistan tour

    the best way to fool people and not using brain definitely.
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    Indian training camps of ISIS terrorists: Evidence revealed

    true , this one actually below that lake, isis terrorist camp. some high tech. shit going on..
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    Indian military should surrender India

    To Pakistani- "AWW" khush raho. 😂
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    How India Succeeded in Diplomatically Isolating Pakistan

    Pakistani FM 😂 when I see him I start laughing, and I feel more educated. reminds me his comment - "DEEP pocket" lmao
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    Ford to stop making cars in India

    you mean 50cents army??:p:
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    Indian video about Greek Rafales,involves Pakistan again...

    most powerful country in the world rank 2021/india 13th no.- https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/power-rankings most powerful military in the world /india 4th - https://www.globalfirepower.com/countries-listing.php
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    Indian video about Greek Rafales,involves Pakistan again...

    there is so many country is not UN security council permanent member, that does mean they are not militarily powerful, i am taking about militarily. and India is the 6th powerful economy in the world, its not a small thing. link-...
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    Indian video about Greek Rafales,involves Pakistan again...

    have a look gov. official website with details data, district by district(graph and photograph includes) - https://sbm.gov.in/sbmReport/home.aspx
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    Indian video about Greek Rafales,involves Pakistan again...

    we are not super power, we have lot of thing to do. but whoever suggest you those videos, all are true and real. you have internet , go to official world data you will find it. and its does not matter what you think,it will be there. for example: if i say Greece not even a country, its does not...
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    Indian Air Force News & Discussions

    there is no tejas and sukhoi because its a deep strike package.
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    Indian video about Greek Rafales,involves Pakistan again...

    what is better? lol that's proves nothing.. all i see is British Indian flag.
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    Army Games 2021: Results from Polar Star Competition

    this is not about we beat Pakistan. this is about we could have done better.

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