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    Pakistani Universities should be put to the same standard as Chinese Universities

    Pakistan can't inject the same per capita amount that china is financing their educational standards.
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    Arshad Nadeem bags gold medal for Pakistan at the 2022 Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya .

    His throw was in between 77-83 meters in past , in olympics he didn't bronze because of small margin . After that Pakistan sports board send him to RSA and CAN for physical ad jav training ... .. and results are there , he is now throwing between 85-90 M regularly, he could've won gold or silver...
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    A heartbreaking murdering: 17 year old Nicoletta, murdered by her 22-year-old Pakistani refugee boyfriend

    EU nations should stop providing refugee status to Pakistanis.. Pakistan is not at war nor starving Human trafficking is a big business now in Pakistan and Many families have been ripped apart from agents It is good thing turkey started building a wall at iran border to stop the inflow of illegal
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    Comic sports news from Pakistan women hockey federation

    Real Comic is the results women's team got .
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    Why didn't Bangladesh win a single medal in Commonwealth Games 2022, Birmingham?

    It is sad to see that BD is not good in any sports Historically they have no medal in Olympics In Asian games, they got few but the majority of it came from Cricket, Kabbadi where IND, PAK, and SL didn't sent full strength They are U19 Cricket Champion but that is not much considerable They...
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    Reference shows Imran Khan took most items from Toshakhana for free

    He can take it for free as per the law if the item value is under 30,000 PKR If there would've been any case than current govt wouldn't have hesitated to launch a FIR or case proceedings
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    Girls Cadet College Quetta Opening announced after Opening 1st in Turbat , Balochistan | July 2022 .

    The areas these girls are from are one of most underdeveloped in Pakistan .. Education will bring change in region and time will heal the wounds
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    Pakistan - Turkey (PAC-TAI) Collaboration for NGFA-TFX 5th Gen Aircraft l Updates, News & Discussion

    not now , but might be in future now PAF went for Akinci and Tb2
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    India’s defence exports hit ₹13,000-cr mark, highest ever

    above table numerics like Crore , Arab, kharab, neel , padam , shank , madh, ankh , ant etc are local subcontinental numerics and being used here since centuries Why you people don't go beyond crore locally
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    India’s defence exports hit ₹13,000-cr mark, highest ever

    The one you are using is incomplete and confusing as in your budget speeches figures popping up like 2 lakh crore In Pakistan, we are using Arab and then Kharab and then Neel 100 crore = 1 Arab Hopefully picture explain

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