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    US Ballistic Missile Defence

    These systems are good, but what we have seen as a live example in Saudi Arabia, that several SAMs are required to make inception of somewhat crude RVs. It's effective if you are expecting low-intensity combat but inventories and reloading will dry up fast in high-intensity warfare.
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    Opium war. China loses Hong Kong to Britain from 1841 until 1997. Shameful for Chinese.

    I still don't understand how a small group of a few thousand men managed to force the Qing dynasty into making concessions. Those British troops must've been the cream of the crop for it's time. I also read that British rifles were accurate to much larger ranges.
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    The US Military is EVERYWHERE

    The only reason they can pay for all of this is because their government refuses to provide a national healthcare services like the rest of Europe who cut their militarism after WW2 in exchange for the social security for it's populace. The thing people overlook is that universal health care in...
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    Iran: Protests continue in Sistan and Baluchestan over killing of fuel porters by IRGC forces

    Looks like things are popping off here. Let's see how far this will escalate. So far it seems like Iranian Border guards fired on Fuel transporters for unknown reasons, not IRGC. IRGC doesn't have any presence in border management.
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    Report: More than 6,500 migrant workers have died during Qatar's World Cup prep

    Safety protocols get in the way of production and construction speed. Indian and Pakistani blood doesn't mean much to them it seems.
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    Egyptian Armed Forces

    Who or what would you say is Egypt's primary national security threat
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    The U.S. Air Force Just Admitted The F-35 Stealth Fighter Has Failed - Forbes

    It's not a failure as much as it is simply too costly, especially for any country that is not the US, cannot operate this Ferrari of the jet world without destroying it's budget
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    Iranian Ground Forces | News and Equipment

    This is very pleasing to read.
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    This is already on top of Israel and USA and they will never change. One election in Turkey could completely change their foreign policy course.
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    Fed's Powell: 2021 GDP growth could be in range of 6%

    Sooooo, buy more S&P?
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    Russian spies try to steal Ukrainian modern tank secrets

    They are stealing it to study it's specifications not necessarily to copy it.
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    People may remember him from many of his reports on Iranian Ballistic Missile developments.
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    Iran’s Game-Changing Rapid-Fire Underground Missile Base

    Khorgo UG Missile Base looks to be what is referred to as a nuclear hardened missile base built with carousel design in mind.
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    Misconceptions about the Global Hawk UAV and VLO concepts

    I wanted to say firstly this is a great post. Secondly I wasn't aware of the Taer-2s top attack approach to interception. That's very interesting, I've yet to hear another missile behave like that, but I don't have wide knowledge of other SAMs. As you say, the global hawk wasn't necessarily...

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