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  • not much``i called my parents right after red the news, it happens in my City.. the police and relavent department is investigating it
    Your though is actually funny.

    Japan is only advanced in certain area like elctroncis and autos. They are far behind China when it comes to aerospace techology and missile techs.

    If your theory is true, then well, Japan got screwed by themself. lol
    I enjoyed the show immensely because of the quirky humour and, what else, neat character interaction and spaceships shooting one another. The show was unique in the sense that it was set in the present and matched current human tech against the far "superior" alien tech. Funny how the firearms were more effective against the replicators than staffs or Asgard pulse weapons.

    As for development of military tech... I am not sure. One thing is for certain though. A lot of people probably thinks that the USAF is getting their latest weapons from the portal hidden within the Cheyenne mountain complex. :D
    sinodefenceforum. There is another forum called chinadefence forum that is also focused on the Chinese military.
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