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  • please report against presly bhai from my behalf,as i'm new so i did not know anything much.
    i've reported .but messeging o moderator dont know.please do me a favour.please inform modarator that they have stole my personal information ,copied them from fb ,so that he take action.please report this.i hope if some more report against this kind of activity,he'll stop
    bhai,i've reported ,but this members are realy disgusting.i even not utter a single abusive word,but they are using so much against me.so if all of of you help me,i can solve this.they are just disgusting.
    they are saying i used abusive word,but i check but found nothing.they stole my information,make a wrong meaning of everything.so please report against presly.i've done already.but now want your help.
    bhai ,vo tho pata hai,lakin application kaise kia jata hai ,i dont know.coz i'm very new on this site.
    so if you please help me by giving informaion,i can do it by my self.
    with regards
    naved mostaque
    thanks for helping me bhai. but these guys are simply crazy,not only hack my personal data from fb but also use that against me and make a wrong meaning every of my status.
    i'm realy astonished ,how they can do this.this is completely agains law.so it would be better if you please ban farhan and presly who stole my personal info from fb.
    i never thought that anyone can step so low like them. plz help me brother
    with regards
    and agains thank to help me on forum
    agar ap mere liye uski khilaf ek report darz karde toh,main apki sukr guzar.i'll add more and more info but letter,but i still believe you 'll know the correct history.this indian guys should be reported because of their using abusive word against individual,pakistan .can you help me plz,bhai ?
    with regards
    bhai,please help me on forum against those indian fools.u may know something more than me.patna k presley toh jo uski mou main aye vohi bol rahe hai,my problem is i cant use abusive words like them.kyonki yeh indian nature hai,mera nahi.but this guy is giving one after one wrong information about 16th december.
    i reported his 2 posts as well ..... brother dont discuss religion with them they always say against our religion and disrespect it ... they cant hide their hate against our religion
    leave him dont discuss about religion with him ...... he is just a troll which talking against religion ...
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