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    There was a time when I believed that the APML will bring a change in Pakistan BUT APML has failed to build any political momentum.

    There are many internal issues and non-political people have become decision makers.

    I wish the best to President Musharraf and all friends in the APML.

    Imran Mujeeb Siddiqui
    Former President, APML Canada
    I just couldn't stop myself writing this. You really disappointed me when you 'thanked' posts made by T-Faz recently without perhaps even going through their contents and my rebuttals. He was wrong on so many points and even he stopped arguing on certain things when I provided him with logical answers. I understand that you are a die-hard supporter of Musharraf but 'thanking' each and every post totally blindly was not expected from an educated person. Anyway, you don't have to reply to me.
    It is interestng to get into a discussion with you. Irrespective of our different point of views, I really appericiate that you keep your emotions controlled. Your language is civil and there is a sincere desire to convince me (or others). Thank you very muc for being a nice debater, many lose patience in this process.
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