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  • Bro i am a medical student! it's my first year xD, and very soon inshallah i will join Pakistan air force! but a littel prob , i was born in france, i can speak punjabi very well, i can also understan urdu too,but there i have only 2 hours of english periods per week! =(
    Asalam o Alaikum wa rahmah .... Brother I am from India ...but right working in Saudi Arabia and how about you my friend?anyway thanks a lot for sending me Inivitation brother ....
    hey bro! ho ware you?
    bro i am french i have a littel problem with english, so wath does mean HANGIn?? xD
    Viper, if you wish to stay on the forum for a long time, try to control your anger and especially your offensive posts, they will not help you in getting anywhere. Counter with proper and with in limit arguments. Abusive and offensive posts are not allowed and nor we keep such members for long. Try to learn from the seniors, how they post and counter argument.

    first u have to upload a picture to any image hosting website, once the picture is upload, they will provide you with a link which is used for forums. Copy that link and paste it in your post, the picture will be shown.

    If any prb faced, let me know

    www.imageshack.us is one of the free image hosting website, upload the pic here.

    Whenever u see a post with derogatory remarks, plz report that post or just send me the link to that post, will be taken care of. Its not an Indian forum, don't u worry.
    Boss don't mind i dont like your avi pic boss change it to something better! our insults our flag hope u can understand webby is right.... thx
    Hey wat's up bro! iam fine umm to upload images its simple when u are in a thread and want to reply you will see the screen which u are wriiting on top of the writting you will see diff icons for diff things you will see a icon for insert image push it and do you work hope it helps!
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