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  • hello buddy, how are you, haven't seen much action from you so far in forum, so plz forgive me for not recognizing you. can u please give me a brief introduction of yours.
    Now regarding my posts, all the goodies you have said about it, i am really grateful to you for that. i am flattered, LOL.
    anyways thanks a lot for sending the msg, stay in touch and i hope more interaction b/w us in future. one thing more i am obliged to happily accept your friends request.

    yeh i love the city of joy have relatives in bow barrscks anglo-ind's hell i love chicken chilli like anything fruit cakes sourth city u mean salt lake my famly is a mix of say muslim/brahman/&anglos crossbreeds in the 50,s some of us migrated mostly to west us.uk.ca.aussies many stayed back in calcutta some went to dhaka yes i keep visting cal
    There is a reason listed in last e-mail. Sikhs never wanted Khalistan initialy, all they wanted was a autonomus state with india where india will be responsible for defence, foreign affares etc. Just like what canada has deal with each state here. But nehru changes betrayed and said time has changed sikhs decided peacefull marches across the state. Finall GOI india gave sikhs punjab but they cut the indian punja in three piecs, Punjab, HP and haryana. Sikhs were not happy because all of the punjabi speaking areas were suppose to go to Punjab but there are still lots of areas that are majority in punjabi speaking but not in Punjab. After that a incident took place in 1978 and armed strugle just in very initial stage. But after 1984 everything blew up and movement for Khalistan started. After that rest is history. you can google some of the stuff and find out.
    SIKHS or "PUNJABIS" can't buy any land in the adjoining states of himachal, rajasthan,haryana and Jammu and kashmir to prevent formation of seprate sikh homeland. the jews purchased land from arabs and declared israel as their country. Indian govt. feared same thing from sikhs. Till date sikhs can't buy a piece of land adjoining punjab, but can buy in other states.
    Hello Sreena,
    You are on my contact's list and can view/post on my visitor message wall :)
    hey my family is also orginally from calcutta some of my famly members migrated to b'desh while many stayed back in calcutta i ve been to calcutta ton's of time's moms from there so is dads mom dadi i ve been to cal from park curcus to collage street,new market love the fresh juice shop's & the chats there not to forget bo-barracks chowrangi etc's nice to know you
    Hi Sreena, you should change your profile pic as well. Honey you stand out for all the wrong reasons!

    Cool, so when do start the bongla classes? What's your yahoo ID, I can add you :)
    Hello Ms. Narcissist/Sreena.

    I'll agree with Rubyjackass here, remove your pic. If not convinced by the "worst things happening" theory he has to offer, I'll just say you'll be the only one with their pic on the forum. You have created an album dear, abhi abhi tau join kia hai :)

    You are Bengali, interesting! So will you teach me some of your lingo? In turn I can teach you Urdu and a little bit of Punjabi — what say you? :D
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