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  • Hi Sreena,

    Where have you been? Missing your quality posts here on Pakistani Defence forum.

    Take care.
    Bold woman eh... first one i saw post a pic up there? At least i cud give ya that. F4m Calcutta eh? Nice... i knw sum ppl down there. Welcome to PDF by the way.
    That's nice to know. I hope you got a good welcome from our multi-community state :). Traveling here's a big nuisance unlike Delhi and other metros but I soon hope we too start having high speed railways in the mountains like Italy and other alps countries have.
    Me, I am 20..... Finished my graduation... My Boy friend is in the army, Thats How I became Interested in it
    Thats great, I love when I hear people speaking Bengali, its very Crisp you know, At the same time Cute....I dont remember kolkata though.... Have to revisit some day in my life
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