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    China to invest $2.2 trillion in transport by 2020

    This is a massive amount of money spent in short. This isn't about their infrastructure, it's about saving their economy. This is a ucking stimulus package designed to create jobs and spread money. There's a major issue with their economy and they are not saying it.
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    Buy Gold from Dubai?

    Canadians have one of the purest gold available in the market. Most mints have. 9999 gold purity but Canadian animal line has. 99999 gold purity. Always buy gold in "ESSAY CARD", it is the safest way to buy gold. I'm a gold investor, so I know a thing or two.
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    Defence Research and Development Organisation successfully test-fires Interceptor Missile from Abdul

    LMAO. :omghaha::omghaha::omghaha: Good luck with that. Failures are part R&D, that is how u learn. But what would you know about that?
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    Pakistan gets $4.6b in fresh foreign loans

    Damn, every few months, I hear about Pakistan taking a loan out, corrupt politicians will eat their share for sure and have make the average Pakistani pay for their mistakes. Borrowing money more n more will create huge problems for Pakistan.
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    Manohar Parrikar reduces India’s war readiness from 40 to 10 days: Report

    Either this is a short term deal with the forces or it's a simple bluff. Parrikar is smart, he knows, there is a big potential in fighting a two front war. A 10 day reserve works for Pakistan but in no shape or form it's enough for China. If u look at history, Chinese believe in huge...
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    Safran looking out for Program Manager for Kaveri Engine

    Contract needs to be signed by this year and kaveri should be ready before the year 2019 begins. It should be able to produce 90-95 kn. Immediately after this another new engine should be launched with the help of snecma focused on the next generation of engine, capable of delivering 110–120+...
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    IAI en route to extended range Barak-8ER

    F***king congresees screwed us with deal. We should've had a better partnership agreements like Brahmos, in development of this missile including furture variants. I hear Parrikar is renegotiating the contract.
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    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. Stupidity at its best. Within a few years, India will be 3rd largest economy. 7500km of coastlines, two of the most aggressive nuclear armed nations surround our nation. Region of influence in IOR, India's backyard will dictate more policing...
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    India To Equip Its Army Units With Night Vision Devices

    Parrikar has to put his foot down and if they give him issues then he has to put his foot in their mouth. That's it, my way or the highway.
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    India To Equip Its Army Units With Night Vision Devices

    This is what I hate about Indian Army, why go global when global's best come to India to procure. http://www.thehindu.com/business/Industry/nightvision-startup-tonbo-bags-multimillion-dollar-contracts/article7873818.ece Tonbo provides night vision products to Indian Navy also to USA "DARPA"...
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    INS Vikrant taking shape

    High probability of Vikrant having a sister ship. Vikrant II.
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    After success of PSLV-C36, ISRO centres plan for GSLV-Mk III and PSLV-C37 launch by next month

    It's is tougher but you can't blame DRDO for everything. You had major issues with corrupt government and its military forces excluding Navy. Corruption was so deep that anything DRDO produced was quickly shot down or had its specifications changed. There was very little support for DRDO or...
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    After success of PSLV-C36, ISRO centres plan for GSLV-Mk III and PSLV-C37 launch by next month

    Wrong, who wrote this crap?? China sent hundreds of its students to USSR to study and develop rockets back in 1950. China built its first sounding rocket back in 1958 and launched it in 1960. By the they reverse engineered that too from USSR R-2 rocket. ISRO was formed in 1969 and launched...
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    ‘Astra’ goes up in smoke

    WOW !!!!! Making it sound like a bomb blew up in DRDO and DRDO is finished. Inking of MTCR has got nothing to do with Astra neither is shuffling of officers. Its the same scientists working on Astra as before. MTCR was never in the equation and it won't be. It's a damn glitch, a glitch that...
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    US military fighter jet crashes in southwestern Japan – reports

    As long as the pilot is okay. We'll replace the machine but can't replace our pilots.

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