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    F-15SA first flight (with picture)

    88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs 3/13/2013 - WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- The U.S. Air Force and its prime contractor Boeing have completed a successful first flight of the new F-15SA advanced fighter aircraft for the Royal Saudi Air Force. The F-15SA's maiden voyage took...
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    Taif sets Guinness record with mass diabetes testing

    GOOD For you mosamania hope that SAU beats you one day :(
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    Saudi Arabia in Pictures

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    مصادر رسمية او معتبرة مش مدونات و قناة العال&#1605...
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    رد كيف يعني انت تكره الخليجيين لسبب او لاخر هذ&#1575...
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    انت تكره الخليجين وهذا واقع و تحب الايرانيين &#1608...
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    خلاص يا حبيبي هي يا قاتل يا مقتول و يا النصر ا&#1608...
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    خلاص حبيبي بتيجي جماعات وتغتصب اهلك وتقتلك وتس&#1576...
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    الله يرحم لما حول التلفزيون السوري بثه للجزير&#1577...
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    اقتبس من فيصل القاسم
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    يعني نقدر نلعن روح حافظ ولا لا NO Aleppo is golan that's why assad army is shelling it :cheesy:
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    Saudi made guns :)

    Check this
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    الشبيحة وصلوا هنا !!!!
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    kind off busy
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    Eid Mubarak 2012

    happy eid to all members in this form

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