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  • hahaha! cute really :), as if saying like," hey !!!, have a handshake........don't run ,you coward."

    Bhai jan dil par nahi lena, purr ye ap ka bomb walla avatar dekh kar merri hansee chott jate he......lol.
    It's a nice one.

    They can't do anything as long as we have ppl like you the defenders of Islam good stuff bruv
    I reported him too nothing happend so far yes some of them are biased but it's there website we can only complain I guess they just want to promote liberalism my guess only talk to wembaster he seems like a reasonable person
    Hi! dear, read some of your post about Blasphemy law and stuff.
    You do not need to bang your head to the wall.Some people just don't understand.So, be calm....don't take them seriously.

    It's easy to bash and smash with words while sitting safe on the other side of the screen.Then to help resolve and practically do the job.

    Thing is no one objected the law when it was carved,and it was acceptable to people and state and suddenly now they think that they can revert everything.Some mistakes were there from both sides but this doesn't means we need to reject it straight away.Improve it and implement it properly,that's what the need of time.

    Another problem is that religious debate is not allowed in here,so my friendly advice will be to stay safe.
    "kantoon sae bach kar chuloo"
    BTW good to have you here and a very warm Welcome.
    Best wishes.
    salam muse is making fun of the hadess and hazarat abu huraia why are you allowing them to do that
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