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    Vietnam Defence Forum

    Vietnam new local-made VCM-01 anti-ship cruise missile which is a development of the Vietnamese KCT-15, a customized version of the Russian-made Kh-35UE produced under license in Vietnam. It is believed to have a range of 300km. That makes Vietnam the most powerful surface navy (excluding...
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    Indonesia and Malaysia condemns Israel’s use of force against Palestinians

    The Indonesian government and the nation's top Islamic clerical body have condemned the latest string of aggression committed by Israel against Palestinians in the final days of Ramadan, saying Israel has violated various international laws. The Foreign Ministry said the use of force against...
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    The great transformation of Baihetan Dam 2013-2018, the largest arch dam in the world

    The only places left for megadam are Hutiaoxia and Brahmaputera.
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    SCMP increasingly Sinophobic after being bought by Jack Ma

    Nowadays reading SCMP makes me piss big time. THE STAYING POWER OF WH!TE MAN’S BURDEN Neocolonialist forces in Hong Kong -- including chief mouthpiece SCMP -- continue to plug their favorite wet dream that the territory will sink into the sea as it becomes more Chinese (tap photo below). It's...
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    Possibilities of Covid-19 not from China

    Cow urine drinkers, ganges river defacation cannoiseur and world dirtiest people are making statement diametrically opposite to WHO. The bug get deadly in India for good reasons.
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    Possibilities of Covid-19 not from China

    Singapore earlier testing could be targetting only Chinese visitors. Covid 19 then was just being identified. No one other than Chinese knows what was happening. Chinese were initiating knowledge transfer to the rest of the world. (No one, not even the Singapore axxhole Dr Leong Hoe Nam knew...
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    Myanmar Defence Forum

    China sources for Myanmese warlord land.
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    Possibilities of Covid-19 not from China

    HIV was from USA and gay community, because it was first found there. Cant be elsewhere. Singapore is very connected. How come HIV not found in Singapore but in USA? By the way Syphillis was sure from America.
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    Featured Chinese arrive in Argentina to negotiate sale of 12 JF-17 fighters

    Falkland is nothing, rather than having a blown out proportion military presence. There is a way to harass the 4 RAF typhoons. Argentina air force can take turns carry out a few daily sortie close to Falkland and these pilots will be deprive of sleep.
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    Featured Chinese arrive in Argentina to negotiate sale of 12 JF-17 fighters

    This is a big force for a small village. A lot of money for taxpayer. Onboarding JF17 may see a further step up in deployment in Falkland. UK is draining her coffer.
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    Possibilities of Covid-19 not from China

    China has open up Wuhan lab. We wait for USA to open up Fort Detrict. Historically, Fort Detrict has been conducting horrible inhuman activities, resulting to large numbers of fatalities. Lots of scientist who opted out were found to be dead in unnatural circumstances. I bet Fort Detrict is...
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    Singapore imports Covid19 from India

    Meanwhile Singapore media continues to paint sht at Sinovac, reprinting in lock step all denigrating material from western fake media outlet. Matter of fact, all those Singapore medical clustered infected with Indian variant all got 2x shot of Pfizer and Moderna. The protection obviously is...
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    Anti-Discriminations political correctness, a tool to Feminize Western Men

    In a remarkable interview published on Russia Insider in March 2019, RT’s Anissa Naouai interviewed Danish journalist Iben Thranholm about the disappearance of Western manhood: Dear European Men: You Are Pathetic Pussies. This is a Danish woman’s conclusion. Thranholm says that Western men...
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    Possibilities of Covid-19 not from China

    All advance country probably know Covid 19 not from China and likely USA. They can take out blood samples in their storage and check.
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    Singapore imports Covid19 from India

    GoS earlier was extremely harsh to China when Covid broke out. Total ban on China. Then even though India always has far higher rate than China, GoS always spread their legs to Indians, like the most shameless whore. And right now GoS still denigrating China vaccine, and ask media to interprete...

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