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  • Brother u mentioned a dude by the name of Abdullah Ibn-Saba can u elaborate more on who he was.
    Somebozo... You new avatar is way to offensive... We have some very good American members.... Atleast respect them...
    Need some info regarding setting up solar power panels based industry..

    what are the advancements in technology nowadays??

    Which is the cheapest market of procurement for raw materials or even the finished goods?

    Do you see it as a viable option as to market it here in basic middle income group (set up is same in Pakistan and india) or is it better to setup a massive solar power farm and connect it to national grid and make money???
    "Things like decaptiation of limbs, beheadding, stoning, honour killing and misc brutality came into arabs from Greeks during the dark ages of human civilization. "

    I was about to write something similar. Where did you learn history? I don't think they teach this in KSA, do they teach this in Pakistani public schools?
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