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  • I agree with what you said in PM mate. Can't reply to you as the forum won't allow sending of PM until I have 700 posts which will take a while!
    Wa Alikum Al Salam .. Ramadhan Kareem,
    It seems i can't send you a PM till i have at least 700 post or so .
    I'm used to this kind of hate and attitude by now brother .. to be honest i was shocked first i came here as i thought Pakistanis here are no different from our Pakistani friends in Saudi . Honorable and better Muslims than many Sheikhs and Imams .
    Sometimes i wonder whether this is a Pakistani forum or Iranian because many Pakistani members keep praising everything Iranian and Persian and even bashing Pakistan when it comes to Iran .. they really need to show their real flags .

    I stopped debating with them long time ago because every time we prove them wrong they run away and repeat the same lies in another thread . I knew they are blinded by hate since i saw many of them saying Saudi is the home of Islamic extremism in one thread and western puppet in another .

    Thank you for your kind message , May Allah bless you and guide us all .
    I am not a wadera but know quite a few of them just like i know movers and shakers in MQM ... The main reason to choose this nick is to give some voice to the wadera's as these MQM apologists just talk rubbish without knowing an iota of the facts.

    Thanks for your posts - you are really a logical person - wish MQM apologists open their eyes and come out of denial .. how about you? why somebozo? :)
    Hey man,

    I laughed my *** off when I read your post about Gilani and his next seven generations in the thread with him asking the U.S. to give credit where it's due.

    I know it's serious, but still lol.

    Kind greetings.

    - Jihad
    I am glad you liked it and found it amusing....

    I have had to go great lengths just to explain it to you... I had to go thru several versions of this song on youtube to find the answer


    Check out the lyrics at 1:17 ..... Being not fluent in punjabi i mistook the words that I use for my current signature and its English translation
    To be able to send PMs your post count must be 700 or greater.
    cant send PMs.... But the answer in short is KILLED THEM BLINDLY.
    Assalam u Alaikum. Next time you make a thread, do NOT name it as 'America' but 'Amreeka'.
    Just my 2.. halala :lol:

    Take Care.
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