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    1. Hell hound
      Hell hound
      so bro ready to tell me more about badus here :P
    2. Signalian
      Happy New Year 2017 :-) May you get lots of health, wealth, fame and all your wishes come true :-) Ameen
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    3. Spring Onion
      Spring Onion
      I wish if we had someone who could understand and speak good English then Mr. Himayat Ali shah we would have won earlier
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    4. Spring Onion
      Spring Onion
      There was an international serious massive seminar on this issue in Islamabad at that time and every speakers including retired mil cum analysts and even ministers were reading from my paper in their hand.
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    5. Spring Onion
      Spring Onion
      Few years back I had written a detailed paper on Water issue (this IWT ;) and possible strong points for Pakistan were highlighted), Only if Pakistani government at that time read it, we would have won easily a case against India in one such trial at international tribunal.
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    6. Zarvan
      Sir for your information CJ removed Gillani because he was protecting corruption of Zardari and his money in swiss banks
    7. pk_baloch
      i cannot stop my laughing whenever i see ur avatar hahhahahah
    8. pk_baloch
      hahahhaahah ur pic :p
    9. Armstrong
    10. PteX
      Cowardice is also an integral part of their culture, they pray on the weak and cower against the strong.
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    11. Al Bhatti
    12. King Solomon
      King Solomon
      LOL, what happened to your avatar? !
    13. PteX
      Well, change is coming, that is certain. Whether that change is good or bad, time will tell. It will catch up to KSA and Iran eventually, maybe not this "Spring"(An Islamist winter, if you ask me) but the regime's will change.

      Look at Syria, the opposition fighting Assad just said that Israel is Assad's main protector. Yes, Israel.
      This kind of twisted ideology is engulfing these "revolutions", not anything good or free or liberal.
    14. PteX
      Azerbaijan has been accusing Iran that they are trying to transfer all the Islamic lunatic Ideas and bad influence from Iran to Azerbaijan. While supporting Armenia and backstabbing fellow Shia nation.

      Ultimately, Shia(Iran and their terror) or Sunni(KSA, with their kill Jews and infidels, being the source of quite a few of the troubles for Muslims today.) both are backward countries with backward people controlling the masses.

      Al-Saud family estimates to be worth a trillion dollars, the Ayatollah regime elite living in mansions and luxuries while people starve.
    15. PteX
      Yes, but look at Azerbaijan, they are a Shia majority country and they`ve become one of our important allies. I think it is the fact that the nation is secular and cracks down harshly on anything remotely Islamist in their country. It's good to know that there are intelligent Muslims from both sides of Islam, unfortunate that the masses are controlled by the extremists.
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