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    Apple could be forced to let Apple Pay competitors access NFC under German law

    In the short term it's bad for apple but in the long term it will help them build trust and create exceptions
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    Germany give green light for 2020 military budget.. € 45.1 billion ($50 billion)

    As compared to US Germany is small there contribution is handsome but NATO is doing its best and Angela Merkel is doing a fantastic job . But agree with Trump as well as he has security and financial concerns man of his stature has election and certainly major financial holes to cover
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    Helicopter crash leaves 13 French troops dead in Mali

    Very unfortunate & sad incident RIP to the fallen
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    You are rite on the money sir but there are new electronics tech appearing QUANTUM radars and chinese brothers are researching in this for quite some time they have established links via quantum satellites. My point is if there is will then their is a way and they have gone to the extremes on...
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    New Automatic 70cc Motorcycle Launched in Pakistan

    YAMAHA gone PRO 125cc launched YBR Z the real family bike Check it out people YAMAHA gone PRO 125cc launched YBR Z the real family bike Check it out people
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    Modi's water war: India fast-tracks hydro projects in IoK

    It is imperative to consider all options to build dams on war footing basis So that indian balckmail can be avoided also if there is any dispute in the future with india that will be WATER No wonder QUAIDS PAKISTANS JUGLAR is KASHMIR We need it back intensify the efforts to support the...
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    Falcon the natural predator of drones in PAF

    Dear seniors In war situation and terrorism incidents their is no ethics just action and reaction Preemptive measures taken saves lot life's Human life is more precious than animals http://www.emirates247.com/news/emirates/uae-grapples-drones-after-airport-closures-2017-02-21-1.648533 I THINK...
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    Falcon the natural predator of drones in PAF

    Dear Seniors Falcons have been used from ancient times for hunting ,recon,and Battle field situational awareness Advantages Low cost ,all natural ,easier to maintain just like K9 units Disadvantages not any i can bring about to talk We need them in PAF,PA,even in naval force along the...
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    Breaking : Blast at Lal Shehbaz shrine

    Dear senior members emotions are high Please send these talibastards to the stone age bomb kandhar la la land we dont care we want end this terrorism once and for all We have the right to defend our selves make a wall on the afghan border or what ever Just make the operation zarbe azab...
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    India wants it both ways on Kashmir: Keeps the UN peacekeepers out, but wants UN to ban protests

    Dear seniors please proceed to get foreign office involved The following link to see https://tribune.com.pk/story/100465/hindu-extremist-confesses-involvement-in-samjhauta-express-bombing/ We should declare RSS and other terrorist wings national assembly ,senate And also in the UN list of...
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    Pakistan will not free doctor who helped U.S. find bin Laden

    DR AFRIDI is our internal matter! Trial lead him to a jail time period !! Why we should be arguing?? Request the repected Mods to close the thread
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    young doctors strike , what do you think about bycotting emergency

    Army cant fight on empty stomach NAPOLEON Its difficult to work under such stresses when no money in the bank After studying for more than half a decade getting bald without partner because no money no honey It very pathetic to explain the rest Hint : Use your imagination if this is still...
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    MoU Signed For Hassle-Free Entry of Indians Into US

    The height of desperation that US wants India to be Nato allies ,GEP ,......remarkable level of trust .....the truth is they don,t trust any one the policy makers, Illuminati ,Congress men and Senators all want Chinese and Russian dominance ended. "To Encircle...
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    US vows it will take action if Beijing builds new South China Sea structures

    China has all the right to claim this sea area the smaller neighbours should cooperate with them by investing and sharing then to side with US
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    India and USA : A new moment

    As long as china and Russia there this will be routine after that would become like Pakistani relationship