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    Pakistan-Turkey 4 Milgem Ada Class Corvettes Contract - Construction started

    PNS Zulfiqar is not Zulfiqar Bhutto. Its named after Zulfiqar Sword. All ships of this class are sword names.
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    Pakistan Day Parade Rehearsals - Here We Go.

    Just started....🥳🥳🥳
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    Looks like an old recording, It shows JF17B 20-614 . Wasn't this jet that crashed back in august?
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    Chengdu J-10 Multirole Fighter Air Craft News & Discussions

    And missing back antenna same as PAF J10C 8-)
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    A Saraiki Country fellow Requests PAF to Install Silencers in The Jets.

    This is not Mianwali Dialect, I am from Mianwali and couldnt understand most of him. His primary request is to fly the high, they fly very low over his area :crazy_pilot::crazy_pilot:
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    10 killed, at least 13 injured in Karachi blast

    Probably it was gas concentrated in nullah due to building over it. Nothing to do with gas company.
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    Pakistan UAVs News & Discussions

    Looks like development aircraft, it has yellow and green colors like that of under-development one/.
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    Pak vs NZ: New Zealand team cancels Pakistan tour

    This is the move to damage Pakistan cricket again. They did not felt security concern when team was travelling to and from Stadium for past 5 days. And suddenly the abandon series an hour before match. Looks like diplomatic issue more than security/COVID issue...
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    US Chinooks over Karachi Today

    My Father told me, he saw 3 Apaches (American Helicopter with 2 big rotors) over sheikhupura 2 days ago... I corrected him that these are chinook and I was like it is not possible for them to be in Pakistan (even less Sheikhupura because there is no army/AF base). And searched forum if there was...
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    This could be same as the antenna shown in the pictures below
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    Could it be a production aircraft? There is no 300X marking of prototypes on it?
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    Notify PAF Aircraft Crashes

    Please avoid discussion in this thread unless(hopefully not) there is any crash because it is hard to see messages here because first thing comes to mind is "there is another crash"
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    JF-17B Updates, News & Discussion

    This is from the batch of Block-2 Bravos shown at the end of last year. 2P-86 was the last of the batch of 14 built last year.
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    Kabul this evening

    Both Flights came back last evening.

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