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    iPhone users- Need ur help!

    @levina, Some helpful info on the web about the keyboard issue: iOS 8.3 has also apparently introduced a keyboard problem for some iPhone 6 users. When using any installed keyboard, pressing a key causes the popup key to freeze, which blocks the view of other keys and suggested words. Some...
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    iPhone users- Need ur help!

    Your are welcome and good luck with the update !!
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    iPhone users- Need ur help!

    I upgraded my iphone 6 plus to 8.3 and do not see any battery issue. The Appstore touchID issue was resolved after I rebooted the phone. Except for the new emojis I did not notice any other major difference good or bad. I might be mistaken or its just my wishful thinking but the screen...
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    Look How Rich India's Become Under New Prime Minister Modi

    Who is the household chemicals company CEO hiring, fund managers and millionaires ?
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    Why is India poorer than Africa?

    Why was China poor till early 2000s' ? The same applies to us, we opened our country a bit late due to bad economic system in place and we are hopefully in right track now and will show a magnitude of improvement in the next few years. We followed a socialistic development model which was out...
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    Bangladesh:Gunfight at BDR headquarters

    Tension mounts as BSF resumes fencing Our Correspondent, Dinajpur The India border guards yesterday resumed erecting barbed wire fencing along their side opposite the Monipur camp in Dinajpur and BDR personnel resisted the efforts. Sources said the BDR jawans are performing their duties...
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    "China is the next great country in the world" - Jim Rogers

    For what purpose do you want to join hands with China, to annihilate yourself ? Its necessary to have good relations with China but I am happy that we got rid of that stupid leftist rants of the 1980s' about imperial America and its wrongdoings and that India is aligning with America more now.
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    Indian Space Capabilities

    This could be a futile exercise seeing your intelligence level so far, but where did you get the 20billion figure?
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    HAL Tejas | Updates, News & Discussions

    You either seem to have a comprehension problem or are as adept in fudging the issue as many fanboys are. I said identify a list of developments from drdo that the armed forces are fully confident about. Then we can discuss what great stuff drdo implemented with the resources the GoI poured into...
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    HAL Tejas | Updates, News & Discussions

    Whats the point differentiating between a civilian and defence organization? You meant to say a defence concern can take it easy just because too many people wear blinders when looking at its productivity? For the resources put in Drdo over the past few decades it has delivered little. Please...
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    HAL Tejas | Updates, News & Discussions

    I have to agree with DHM here. You are doing a disservice to the nation if you dont see the reality that DRDO basically has been a dud organization. I worked in ISRO and had many friends in DRDO and the difference in the work atmosphere between them is like day and night. This is anecdotal and I...
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    Top industrialists bat for Modi as the next Indian PM

    IMHO, Modi is too much of a polarizing figure to be a viable choice for any national level role. People have vanished from public life for far lesser allegations whether proven or not. Its his good fortune and if as you all claim him being a great task master, and Gujarat's too that he is in a...