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    Eat Rats:Indian officials ask starving Indians to eat rodents (BBC)

    some tips for Pakistanis to help decide the menu next time you invite your Chinese bretherens over for dinner to your place, in hope of recieving an extra million or two of aid rfor your country Mmm, rodents! China feasts on Rats infestation Dogs, Rats & Cats; Food in China! Rats back...
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    Swat Operation II

    Waah!! kya baat hain!! Gen Zia must be the happiest guy in the whole of the afterland another report on the same Pakistan to end military operation and implement sharia in Malakand Division so does it mean that Malakand province is where the future Hellfires would be rained?
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    Pakistan Economy - News & Updates - Archive

    Some bottled water makers playing with masses health: PEW
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    US names Pak man for blasts on Samjhauta

    how convinient - even when the evidence [that too involving your country's biggest donor] clearly indicate your involvement, your logic-defying arguments cast you in the same mould and a perfect candiddate to become a future Zaid Hamid for your country. As if one entertainer was not enough for...
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    Released Chinese engineer reaches Islamabad

    Its indeed a great news. Hope the American kidnapee is at the recieving end of a similar benovelence I second that ;)
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    Bangladesh Economy: News & Updates

    Russia, Bangladesh express willingness to sign Free Trade Agreement
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    Bangladesh Economy: News & Updates

    Bangladesh, India sign trade deals
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    Hindu Radicals Pose Terrorist Challenge to the Sub-Continent

    incidentally all the links and youtube videos that the Bangladeshi [aspiring to become a citizen of another - at least in spirits] idune is posting are all written by Indians and that too Hindus by posting multiple articles about the same incidences, are you somehow trying to show that the...
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    Taliban has `huge' presence in Pakistan: Zardari

    Words of a Mohtarma Rafia Zakaria, a Pakistani
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    India working to make Bangladesh a desert

    The formation of a desert requires the presence of certain climatic factors and requirements, which do not exist in Bangladesh If at all anything the opposite is true in case of Bangladesh - owing to Global Warming water levels in Banglsdesh would rise to alarming levels submerging...
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    The future of Pakistan....

    its funny how Pakisan blames India and R&AW for every misfortune afflicting you the other day some building caught fire in Pakistan, and you had your countrymen blaming India for lighting up that building on fire Isn't it time Pakistan introspect and attempt to seperate the wheat from...
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    china orders 100 more rusian engines bad news for j-10

    Russia allowed the use of the RD-33 variant on PAF JF-17 because its induction into PAF, that too in large numbers, would pave way for its potential export to innterested countries, the Chinese themselves show no genuine interest in inducting these in to its own AF - a purely economic stand...
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    Taliban has `huge' presence in Pakistan: Zardari

    before you go overboard praising Singapore and start claiming Pakistan wants to become a Singapore. This is what Sinagporean PM had to say about India :coffee:
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    Indian Space Capabilities

    IIT-K satellite'Jugnu' in final stages

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