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  • Hi AM,
    You were perfectly witihn your rights to have banned me - there is no arguments/grudge about that.

    A difference of opinion accompanied by disagreement helps form a more evolved and mature opinion. Hence I value my stay here far more than anywhere else.

    I assuare you that I would give my posts here far greater thought than previously applied and nothing I say would not be accompanied by a non-Indian link on the basis of which my opnion had been formed.

    Regards :)

    P.S: Uncanny coincidence - My results and ban both came out today :D
    Welcome back.

    You are amongst the more articulate and intelligent Indian posters here, though I obviously disagree with quite few of your views, as you likely do with mine. I have no interest in butting heads over non issues such as what occurred right before your ban, or the rather disagreeable exchange I had with Energon, for whom I also have quite a bit of respect otherwise.

    The only thing I would ask of you is to refrain from the sorts of generalizations (brainwashed Pakistanis, bred to hate, or something like that) you made that got you banned the first time. These are stale arguments that only go in circles.

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