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  • You don't walk up to my parents and say 'Hey I'm an atheist' ! Instead when they ask you 'Its Friday...go change your clothes and cleanup because the Azan will be in around an hour's time', you say 'What...? I'm not going to do yoga 5 times a day....besides there isn't anyone up there' ! And then you get smacked by your Mom with her saying 'I'm going to slap you if you ever say anything like that again' ! But naturally I did ! :P

    And yes my friends knew because I was pretty darn vocal with them ! And jeeez dude, this is 'atheism' we're talking about not 'Hey I'm Gay and I'm coming out' ! Not everyone gets a hissy fit when you tell them that you don't really believe in these things anymore.
    I was born into a family that would be the supporters of a Pakistani equivalent of the Muslim Brotherhood - the Jammat-e-Islami ! And I got ticked off with religion in my teens because of these bearded ******** who don't know sh*t about Islam but they have the temerity of yapping on and on about it ! Naturally I was put off. But when I started reading 'Philosophy' I could see that much of what these 'secularist', these 'atheists' and even the 'Islamists' talk about is just them parroting someonelse's rhetoric - they don't think...they just don't think !

    And Turkey and Israel were best friends under Ataturk and they helped each other a lot so I'm sure Pakistan could have too and would have avoided India, our rivals, in turn becoming best buds with Israel ! But I don't oppose it because we won't benefit it but because 'I'm a Muslim and damn me for building my castles on the bones of my fellow Muslim' !
    Then I started reading Philosophy and I understood the hollowness of my own reasoning ! And then I grabbed a copy of the Quran and understood that it made some sense...it made some serious sense. I started reading Iqbal, the poet-philosopher of Pakistan, and I was touched by his 'Pan-Islamism' that wherever you are, whatever language you spoke, whatever your ethnicity as Muslims - We are One ! So naturally I started giving a damn about the 'Palestinians' and their 'Struggle' because they, as Muslims, are 'My People' ! And the more I delved into it the more I realized that Israelis piss on everything their forefather's - the Jews that suffered at the hands of Hitler - stood and fought for, because of their racism and bigotry against the Palestinians.
    I was an atheist at that time and I wanted nothing to do with Islam because I thought it to be a made-up archaic religion and so I thought : Hey, I'm not an Arab, why should I care if Arabs and Israelis fight and die ? It doesn't concern me...we should have the best of relations with Israel because we'd - Pakistan - will gain a lot from that relationship ! Plus I had read about the Holocaust in detail and I had a soft-spot for the Jews. Also I was angry that Pakistan has cried herself hoarse on the International forum for the Palestinians....there are more rallies that come out in their support in Pakistan than for any other group in the world and yet no one from the Arab world...no one, has ever once spoken about 'Kashmir' and about what the 'Kashmiris' have to go through under Indian Rule - naturally I, being an ethnic Kashmir, was pissed.
    انت كاتب رسالة جديدة.
    والله ما بعرف عنه
    لا لا
    انا كتبت الرسالة الاخيرة بالخطا على الوول خاصتي
    بدل ما اكتبها على وولك
    Mate, Star Wars is based upon the following 6 movies :

    1) Star Wars Episode 1 - the Phantom Menace !

    2) Star Wars Episode 2 - the Attack of the Clones !

    3) Star Wars Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith !

    4) Star Wars Episode 4 - A New Hope !

    5) Star Wars Episode 5 - Empire Strikes Back !

    And 6) Star Wars Episode 6 - The Return of the Jedi !

    They are not Episodes per se for they're all full fledged 3-4 hour long movies but they're called as 'Episodes' to give the story a progression of sorts ! Darth Maul is from Star Wars Episode 1 !
    موسى علق على المشرف تعليق ما فيه اي مخالفة واخذ بان بسببه

    مشرف منحط
    Nah ! I'm still undecided about my career - should I play it safe or should I go for something risky but interesting ! Khair, I've got around a year to deliberate further and maybe by that time I'd have had a better idea.

    And the guy in my avatar is 'Darth Maul' from Star Wars Episode 1 the Phantom Menace; its surprising how few people know what Star Wars is ! :(
    Thanks !

    There really isn't a hard-and-fast rule with respect to when we get married ! Amongst the poorer lot and the religious lot it happens earlier than in the lives of their educated, middle-class or even the well-off, counterparts ! I mean my family could probably be classed as 'middle-class' and we're all fairly educated with Doctors, Engineers, Finance Professionals, Environmentalist etc. in our midst, so generally we guys get married at around 23-25 (for women) and 26-29 (for men) ! For the religious lot and the poorer ones this figure might even drop to 17-19 (for women) and 21-24 (for men) ! Plus then theres the factor of which 'generation' that we're living in - My Grandma got married at around 18 when my Grandpa was around 25 whereas my Mom (their daughter) got married at around 20 when my Father was around (29-30) ! But most of my cousins and friends (or their family members) usually get married at around 23-25 (for women) and 26-29 (for men) !
    حرام عليك ازاي ما بعرفش افهم اللهجه المصريه؟؟
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