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  • Hi, Happy new year to you too. Well kal office holiday, plus the lil one awake, so she not letting me sleep. :)

    Yes to the translation, and the idea/phrase 'Punjabi supremacy' is a derogatory reference to Punjabis since it implies that all or most Punjabis perceive themselves as 'superior' to others and deliberately attempt to subjugate other ethnicities and races.
    First of all, your post or thread has not been deleted, it was merged into another thread. So understand the meaning of censorship, there is hell of a difference between deleting ones thread/post and merging it. Your views are still on the forum and being read by people.

    2ndly before you open your mouth and hurl an allegation, check up the facts with the concerned person or authority. Don't try to be over smart. I had merged the first two posts, after that i have no idea who did the merging of other threads including yours too.

    So next time try to be careful and don't try to be over smart.

    If you are not satisfied with the merging of your thread, delete the post in the thread and open a new thread and ask the moderator not to merge it with any other thread by inserting a single line at the end of the thread starting post.

    And as far as common sense advises, your thread staring post has nothing new in it, that is what the AQ guys said that they are not involved in these bombings but others are, that is what the ex-general said that its being don by others.

    And check it up with Agnostic Muslim to why he merged your thread with this one.

    And as said before, next time try to check the facts with the concerned person/authority before taking a blind step.
    which thread are you talking about that was closed or deleted ?? Care to provide a link ??
    hahahahahah thanks. well seriously my spells have always been pathetic since i joined the media as a sub-editor as there we use electronic dictionaries and have spell checker. And serioulsy i am too lazy to correct own easy words. :(
    hi yes i use internet explorer only. as i dont know much about IT releted things. I am having a problem whebever i open google search it sends some error :( and close down
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