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  • hi skeptic r u really from lucknow and working in delhi as you mentioned in your one post??
    forget some moron.He was and is a hero...display it with pride.He fought against british .....
    Hero for all sub continent
    I must say, your final post on the Textbooks in Pakistan thread has got to be the best thing i've read here. Kudos.

    Just wondering though, are you a student? if yes, then what do you study? That post was very close to an Mphil dissertation honestly.
    I was referencing your earlier comment about 'taking action' against Bil Longley because I had warned him a few months ago for using the word Injun. I have deleted other posts of yours and warned you to not 'troll'. You may have missed them. In any case, focus on your posts - there is nothing more to be said here. Report Longley or send me a link to his post on my wall if he uses derogatory language again.
    Care for your own posts please - you have been warned in the past as well,what 'action' should I take against you then?

    Instead of ranting against the moderators for calling you out on your trolling, just don't troll.

    LOngley has been warned by me in the past for using the word Injun. That does not mean he did not use it again ( I do not read all of his posts nor do I check every reported post), but if he has done so recently give me the link and I'll warn him again.

    Secondly, the warnings were on the deleted posts of all three members trolling and flaming on that thread, not just you.
    been a long time u havent been around...
    is everything alrit or u just busy with other stuff
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