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    Donald Trump gets vocal about Indian meanness

    ”I get along very well with India and Prime Minister Modi. But he constantly tells me he built a library in Afghanistan. Ok.. library!!..that’s like.. you know that is, that’s like 5 hours of what we spend. And he tells it and he is very smart. We are supposed to say, oh thank you for the...
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    Huge excitement in Bangladesh for PM Modi's visit!

    Butcher Modi delivered his speech at Dhaka University in Hindi- as if BD had already become a part of India. Yet Awami Hindu wannabes pay no heed.
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    Old psy-war carrying on, at odds with Modi-vision?

    Hopefully the depth of Indian involvement in Bangladesh and its nature have been fathomed by the USA and the west by now. @Luffy 500 agree with your comments below the article. Unfortunately downplaying the Indian hegemony in Bangladesh is considered by many Bangladeshis a display of their...
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    Christianization and Salafization of Bangladesh through NGO charities

    Very few Muslims are converting to Christianity and that IMO is not a real concern. Christian missionaries have been successful in converting majority of the ethnic minorities, the so called indigenous people, mostly living in the border areas like Chittagong and Sylhet along with areas of...
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    Politics in Bangladesh: One and only one

    How the economy size doubled since BNP rule ended in 2006 is beyond my understanding. Assuming a constant 7% growth, which has not been the reality I think, gives a 70% total increase over a period of 8 years. Was the author fooled by the gdp increase thanks to change in base year?
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    Politics in Bangladesh: One and only one

    Politics in Bangladesh: One and only one | The Economist Sep 20th 2014 | DHAKA THE Supreme Court of Bangladesh has just rejected appeals by a former prime minister, Khaleda Zia, over the appointment of a judge in a corruption case against her. The ruling clears the way for Mrs Zia to stand...
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    Is government abandoning its exit strategy?

    BNP was proved right in boycotting the election. The only mistake they made was witholding the protests and blockades. Had they continued we would have seen the govt ousted within a week despite the lack of opposition activism inside Dhaka, because Dhaka couldn't survive a long term disruption...
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    Is government abandoning its exit strategy?

    Seems like they are not even thinking of something like an exit strategy. They are confident that by the grace of their almighty bharat mata they'll overcome every hurdles that they may ever stumble over. Thanks for sharing- a summary of what they are, were and up to.
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    India's Fake 'Love Jihad'

    I wonder how BJP would manage to curb the madness of its delusional nincompoops, which it once had given a free rein and in fact seeded and nourished to ascend to power. It seems reactionary politics is taking its destined course.
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    India's Fake 'Love Jihad'

    India's Fake 'Love Jihad' BY Siddhartha Mahanta SEPTEMBER 4, 2014 - 02:10 PM With Narendra Modi ensconced in the prime minister's office, India's newly empowered Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) party faces the formidable task of reaching out to the country's 177 million...
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    Did we get independence in 1971? Or is Bangladesh a colony of India?

    According to you, as a general rule, a hegemon is able to, and does prevent a weaker state from importing goods from a much stronger rival, even though the weaker nation has access to international waters and can import goods at a cheaper price from the hegemon's rival. Your whole argument here...
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    Did we get independence in 1971? Or is Bangladesh a colony of India?

    Is India able to meet all our demands for foreign products and services at a competitive price? Things we import from China can't be imported from India or at least at a competitive price. So how can it stop us from procuring Chinese products? Or do you imply that India is able to do so but...
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    Tarique against religion-based politics

    Why should this make news? Tareq has been true to his political ideology and made some consistent remarks. If he were to believe otherwise we would have seen him as member of a religion-based political party instead of being a member of BNP. Like his father and unlike the Awamis he didn't say...
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    Did we get independence in 1971? Or is Bangladesh a colony of India?

    Trade partnership implicates dependency, not alliance. China, India and the US are themselves on the list of each other's largest trading partners.

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