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  • Yes, in diplomacy one need to turn a blind eye sometimes. Do you think India would just like turned a blind eye for nothing. There will be some negotiations to reap benefits to support its military action. w.r.t. fishermen problem in the i did not venture in the high seas or spoken first hand to anybody so I would have to without second thought defend my countrymen as they are Indian Fisherman first. Be it in coastal Gujarat or Coastal Tamilnadu. We need to detach each issue and take it with the respective government

    You are neutral to the point of being at fault lol. - but yes it is a fact that most of the shootings take place around Katchatheevu which was gifted by India to SL in 1974 with the agreement that Tamil Fishermen will be allowed to fish there. The SL Govt has gone back on its word and we must make them honor the terms of the agreement signed in 1974.

    BTW are you settle in US ?
    ya man i hav figurd tht out too.........I think he is some kind of imposter.Thnks for the notif.

    i already ignore her. but it was jana who got in between us. i dont care about her. i know her problems and thought of helping her out but she got on my nerves because of her posts. but apart from my return i hardly reply to her....
    Hi Sivadreams -
    I have hardly replied to him for same reason. Its good that we are ignoring him like this. He has become a pain.
    i hope you just didnt send dat message to me lol... i dun recall conversing that guy.. and i dun really look at the flag and respond.. i look at the stuff ppl say and respond doesnt matter if you fly indian flag or pakistani flag.. dat guy saw some post but i dun think he is talking type he is trolling type anyways..
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