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Jul 18, 2011
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March 5

Sin Pateh


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Jun 7, 2012
    1. Sin Pateh
      Sin Pateh
      And don't threaten me do what you can.

      oh hola I am so scared of your threatening on me here, sorry littlepunk I am not only well say but on so on action, if somebody is trying to threaten others here then that one must be YOU!!!!

      Threatening is the sign of weakness and frustrated of losers like you, if you have guts then I dare you to touch me on real I like, I am always happy to face any challenge from you, coward!!!

    2. rcrmj
      thats fine, if you have enough energy, but just dont get youself into troubles
    3. BigTree.CN
      Well, it seems a lot has been changed with this forum since the last time I was here.
    4. AerospaceEngineer
      They keep getting banned because people here are not educated!

      Especially many indians, always start trolling and flamming!
    5. Obambam
      Yeah I don't know what's up. It seems to me certain individuals are immune to bans despite overstepping the lines and are clearly provocative.
      Sadly sometimes people do fall prey to trolls and B_F was one of the unlucky casualty again., but he will be back and stronger. You really need to be smarty pants and not get sucked in by the trolls and argue with them in a way they want you to argue or answer them the way they want you to answer them, regardless of how much they are trying to provoke you =)

      Some of the mentioned VN trolls cannot be perma banned because they are re-registering and login back in using "proxies" so each time their IP's would be different and it masks away their real IP addresses. Otherwise I am sure the Admin would have banned them permanently for breaking the forum rule, toying with them and wasting their time.
    6. EagleEyes
      What was your previous ID?
    7. grey boy 2
      grey boy 2
      I have no idea why, pal, anyway nice to meet you, take care.
    8. ChineseTiger1986
      BF may come back soon.

      BTW, are you Indian or Pakistani?
    9. Sin Pateh
      Sin Pateh
      F.U, what are you looking for???
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