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    Opinion | How Pakistan's A.Q. Khan, Father of the 'Muslim Bomb,' Escaped Mossad Assassination

    Gaddafi is the only person who was frightened by the US war in Iraq. Other US enemies are still US enemies. If Gaddafi can be brave for more than half a year, the United States will fall into the wave of Zarqawi’s terrorist attacks, and there will be no extra force to overthrow him. Gaddafi will...
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    China announced China-India border security talk failed, blaming India has unrealistic goals in the talks

    According to what I heard from Chinese soldiers, the killed Indian military officer Santosh Babu was transferred to the border for a short term. This is a common pattern of promotion in the Indian army. He went to the border to take a short-term position and his resume was gilded. He broke the...
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    Chinese PLA Military 8x8 ARGO or Amphicat

    It should be derived from the tradition of the British Indian colonial army. I have seen similar performance pictures of British soldiers.
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    US has already lost to China in AI fight, says ex-Pentagon software chief

    A Frenchman broke his heart for the United States. This Frenchman is a traitor to France.
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    A newly-released picture shows a large group of Indian soldiers captured by China PLA in Galwan Valley in 2020

    In order to attract subscriptions and obtain advertising revenue, India’s commercial media produces a large number of fake news that attracts the attention of Indians. Indians’ attention excitement includes but is not limited to Pakistan, China, Now Indians probably think that Pakistan is too...
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    'Some are just psychopaths': Chinese detective in exile reveals extent of torture against Uyghurs

    His uniform is fake, it is a COSPLAY uniform. The pattern 公安 on the arm becomes 公支 in the video and the police pattern on the sleeve is also wrong.
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    Turkey’s Uyghur dilemma in the context of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

    Pakistan itself is also facing the Baluchistan independence movement. I often read the tweets of these people. They say that the Pakistani army suppresses them. They have no water and no wells. As long as you want to separate politically, it is always easy to find a reason
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    Turkey’s Uyghur dilemma in the context of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

    The so-called assimilation in ancient times was killing men and raping women. The ancient Egyptians were replaced by Arabs, and Arabs became Egyptians. Now Uyghurs, some resemble East Asians, and more of them look like Caucasian genes.
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    Why Southeast Asia Should Welcome AUKUS Australia models independence in standing up to China.

    China should immediately ask Vietnam to stop exploiting oil resources in the South China Sea. This is stealing China’s oil.
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    Muslim groups call for boycott of Hilton hotels over China mosque demolition

    We will never allow religion to interfere in social life, politics, and education, especially monotheism originating from the Jews and its sub-religions Christianity, Catholicism, and Islam to manipulate the people
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    Turkey’s Uyghur dilemma in the context of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

    There are a lot of misinformation in this article. Uyghurs have never been independent, they are constantly surrendering to different rulers. Uyghurs originally lived in the current Mongolian plateau. If they want to restore their country, they should find a much weaker opponent, the Republic of...
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    Muslim groups call for boycott of Hilton hotels over China mosque demolition

    This post is really shameful. Many mosques are not historical relics, but the infiltration of Islamic expansionism in China in the past 40 years. Many officials have set up many illegal mosques due to ignorance, incompetence, corruption and various reasons. It was actually an illegal...
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    ‘Qadi’ has been arrested, what about other ISIS members in Turkey?

    始作俑者,其无后乎?Amin of Afghanistan first violated the rules of the game and killed more than 60 people in Dawood's family, leaving only a little girl. Amin was the first person to slaughter the family of a political opponent in the modern history of Afghanistan. He set a precedent. The same thing...
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    Dozens of men arrested in India are accused of gang raping a 15-year-old girl repeatedly

    There are so many Tibetans in India, but there are very few news about Tibetan women being raped by Indians. Is there any reason?

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