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    WION: Why is India poised to become the next superpower?

    Their problems is simple. Hindus see themselves as leaders of asia and want a seat at the UN as a permanent member. US after 9/11 has inflated indian ego. They now consider themselves a superpower already. This attitude and delusional thinking will definitely lead to a conflict with China...
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    karak hindu temple attack case -SC orders recovery of Rs33m from accused

    Condemn this decision wholeheartedly. One of the most corrupt judicial systems on the planet is worried about providing safety to hindus.
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    Bangladesh minister says Islam is not our state religion, will revert back to 1972 constitution

    if he had said that a state should have no religion but islam is the dominant religion hence islamic traditions have to be respected then we could argue. BUT this minister is a hindutvadi. Mentioning islam by name and targetting it proves it. I would love to ask this hindutvadi if he refutes...
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    PPP to form next government: Asif Ali Zardari

    could be with the way things are going. may be the establishment wants some lgbtqrstuxyz representation along with corrupts and off course terrorist shahbaz sharif the butcher of model town.
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    PM Imran Khan will interview recommended officers to appoint DG ISI

    this is not singapore. longer this carries on the worst it will get. IK is behaving like a typical pakistani civil leader who consider themselves salahudin in the 3rd year of govt
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    Nomination of DG ISI is my authority: PM Imran Khan says in cabinet meeting today

    You are reading too much into this. Pakistani leadership like I said is very petty from the start. The language they use is Me, I and only I and Me. No respect for institutions. Every military coup or dismissal by the civil govts is based on personal likes and dislikes. From Ghulam Muhammad...
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    Nomination of DG ISI is my authority: PM Imran Khan says in cabinet meeting today

    apparently he said that the matter will resolved amicably. the issue is pakistan leadership is extremely arrogant whether civil or military from day one. tons of examples from the past. they take everything personally. now new isi chief will not be friendly to ik as the damage has been done...
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    K2 acquitted in policemen murder case

    i feel disgusted by those people who did this to you. it is most unfortunate. we cry about racism by white folks but dont want to admit problems in our own country. hope things have gotten better.
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    janab except in ayub khans era pakistan never really developed economic strength. after bhutto destroyed economy, no one brought any structural reforms that is why during zia and even right after zia died we again had to go imf despite US support. if u cant make ur budget without imf programs...
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    Saudia-Pakistan work on 3.6 Billion Oil Deal (Grant)

    Respect your views, but even well before 1990s Pakistan went to IMF instead of reformation. Industrialists were and are in govt they resist taxation, same with land owners and bureaucracy, etc. This has been happening since ages. Thats why IK used to say that we would have to run Pakistan in a...
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    Saudia-Pakistan work on 3.6 Billion Oil Deal (Grant)

    Agree with every word you say but Pakistan has never been productive. We were sustaining the country because the population was manageable and alignments of strategic interests enabled monetary aid to come to Pakistan but now Pakistan is no longer a blue eyed boy and is a huge country. Things...
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    5 troops martyred in north Waziristan

    This is coming to a breaking point. It seems the leadership is pushing the FC to commit insubordination. Nobody wants to see that but can we blame the FC if something bad happens? Serious serious situation can result if you push armed trained people to the wall. everything ok group must...
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    Nearly 4 in 5 Pakistanis say that they have not watched any Indian movies in the past year: Gallup & Gilani Pakistan

    Pakistani media industry has also picked up. It needs a lot of investment and a great deal of work is needed but its a start.
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    how india using geo-politics to kill Assam muslims.

    Our reply should be, just as india demanded partition of Bengal and Punjab (both muslim majority provinces) on religious basis, Pakistan should also demand partition of hindu majority states of india on religious grounds. Its only fair. Plus since india does not want any muslims in india, it...
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    Saudia-Pakistan work on 3.6 Billion Oil Deal (Grant)

    Is this the price we paid for Kashmir. How this country's elite sleeps at night is disturbing. Grants actually increase corruption by hiding incompetence and absolving people of any responsibility. I would want to see the video where the babus ask for Saudi grants. Just want to see their faces.

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