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    Pakistan's Economy Collapse is Far Worse

    Pakistan's decline began with the demise of Ayub Khan's regime. Focus shifted from economic to strategic.
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    General Bajwa in US to meet Biden administration officials

    mohatarm Raheel Shareef actually recommended former Multan corps commander ishfaq nadeem. Gen nadeem was known to be not too much interested in politics. His mistake was he had no relation with royal sharif family while bajwas father in law had business relations with sharifs. Im no fan of...
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    House of Sharif - From Amritsar Heera Mandi to Pakistan's top political office

    We must face facts. All these characters introduced post Ayub Khan wanted to retain power and for that they needed money hence the corrupt dynastic politics. Even this is acceptable if they really had brought some reforms in the country which they didnt. We might blame Ayub Khan for numerous...
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    House of Sharif - From Amritsar Heera Mandi to Pakistan's top political office

    Interestingly, when Zia dismissed his own appointed Junejo and accused him of not implementing Islam, he retained Nawaz Sharif as CM Punjab as if Nawaz Sharif was implementing Islam perfectly. Another interesting fact that just in 4 years Nawaz Sharif became CM Punjab. Amazing. Bottom line...
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    US wants economic absorption of Pak by india- Moeed Pirzada

    Moeed Pirzada in his view explains reasons of regime change in Pak and a major goal of US policy makers vis a vis South Asia.
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    Pakistan should never make peace with India

    Actually, it was Nawaz Sharif and PML-N that is at the fore front of peace with india. They want to do business with them and are supported by Mian Mansha in their endeavor. Nawaz Sharif's contacts with indian businessmen like Jindal are very well known. Even now Mariyum Nawaz's leaked audio...
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    Dar the Dracula Returns to Pakistan

    Pindi is desperate. Dar will carry out extensive privitization with full support from Mil establishment. Target is one and only to atleast damage IKs chances of coming to power.
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    Should Pakistani Establishment be Nationalized ?

    More important to change the attitude. After Ayub Khans era, establishment moved from economic focus to strategic one. And alliance with the west is key to it for them. Unless their attitude towards corruption and obsession with strategic doctrines changes, Pakistan will remain like this and...
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    Drone strike on a funeral

    US was given this FATA corridor with full agreement of the establishment. Quite a few drones infact flew from Pakistani territory to strike Pakistani targets. This was a deal and in exchange we got sophisticated military equipment and monetary aid.
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    PML-N concedes defeat in crucial Punjab by-elections

    Came across some hindutva media videos - why are they so interested in a mere by elections in Pakistan? They are angry somehow. The headlines they are displaying is like high school insults. This what hindustan times wrote - Imran begs Pak army another U turn. It is exactly the same language...
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    PML-N concedes defeat in crucial Punjab by-elections

    There seems to be no difference between hindutva media and PMLN media cell. Hindustan times, times of india and others are hugely frustrated even though IK praised indias foreign policy. india feels IK represents pakistani nationalism which india hates hence they support PMLN.
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    All Pakistani banks refuse to open LCs for Russian crude oil import

    Mohataram Money talks. Russia is in a state of war and need cash, it does not matter to them what 'relation' we have or dont have with them. We are not buying s-500s from them. Russian oil is a commodity out there to be bought simple. Why make it complicated? Deny somethign, delay it, make it...
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    All Pakistani banks refuse to open LCs for Russian crude oil import

    Why does it make sense to buy wheat from russia then? bottom line: Pakistan is missing out on cheap oil which india and china are not only using but exporting back to EU and north america. We will see both indian and Chinese industries even more competitive in the future and this fiscal...
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    PM Shehbaz announces 10pc 'super tax' on large-scale industries

    Janab, 'guarantors' were far more powerful than Mr. Kayani and many 'pious' generals like him. It was in fact Mr. Kayani who negotiated with BB as Musharraf's representative as Mr. Kayani had earlier served as MS for BB. As I said earlier Pakistani establishment likes 'guarantors' as...

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