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  • silko kardeş daha çok teslimayla ilgil bir durum
    The U.S. Department of Defense said the order would include 19 conventional takeoff and landing or "A" models for the U.S. Air Force; three F-35A models for the government of Italy; two F-35As for Turkey; six short takeoff, vertical landing or F-35B aircraft for the U.S. Marine Corps; one F-35B for Britain, and four carrier variant aircraft for the Navy.

    Source: http://www.defence.pk/forums/turkey-defence/188156-lockheed-wins-490-mln-deal-buy-f-35-parts.html#ixzz1y9NXNLG8
    Yesterday, the Norwegian parliament voted unanimously to approve acquisition of the F-35 as part of Norway's Long Term Defense Plan. Read the Norway Ministry of Defence's statement about their first F-35 order.

    Norway orders first F-35; secures JSM integration support - regjeringen.no
    Ulan silkonun anlami neymis?! Nasil sacma sapan itici igrenc lanet bir gavur ismi bu be?
    Nedense uğramadım bayağıdır,bir bakayım dedim ne var ne yok.
    Hey, Silko ! I was wondering if I could ask you to take some time out to watch the movie 'Jinnah'. Its a biographical account of the Founder of Pakistan and the Pakistan Movement. I found it uploaded here on Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e13IGsw0wGw

    I'd be much obliged if you watched it !
    Üzgünüm, malesef video Warner Bros.'un telif haklarını ihlal ettiği için kaldırılmış. Türkiyede de olsa Norveçte de olsa bu video izlenemez. :(

    Yardım edemediğim için tekrardan özür dilerim.
    Eğer hala online isen ve linki yollayabilirsen tabiki bakarım :)
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