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    Pakistan's economic position will be 'far better' by August, says Fawad

    Covid has disrupted the supply chain globally, Pakistan is no exception and inflation is all over the world. We need to understand the global economic situations, it is worst. PTI in first term under harsh global economy doing reasonably well.
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    Pakistanis riding new cryptocurrency gravy train

    Can you please guide me through how to start it....? I don't even know the basics but I'm pretty interested to start it
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    Pakistan's Fast Growing Tech Startup Ecosystem

    $230 is outdated figure, more than usd 300 as airlift has raised $85 mn and Bridgelinx $10 ...... we surpassed KSA this year allhamdulillah
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    "Resistance 2.0." - Battle for Panjshir begins - Taliban claims victory

    Ye kitna ******** aadmi hai yar kya kahani bnaaye huye hai hahaha.... now ban me khair hai but kuttay ko gali denay ka dil bht kr raha tha
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    Pak $15 Billion earning from Tourism, $40Billion Potential

    I spent my last week in Gilgit city, hunza and ghizer... there is construction everywhere and i have seen dozen foreigner's groups and individuals
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    Taliban locks up India's consulates in Kandahar and Herat for security reasons. Says will let them re-open once Indian representation returns back

    But mark my words they will not you do what you were ACTUALLY doing through these consulates
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    Islamabad needs a new Stadium near the scenic mountains

    No no no cricket anymore, we should focus on other indoor and outdoor sports, cricket is just sucking entire sports budget yet the TEAM is useless.
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    Dastgyr gears up to disrupt Pakistan’s $125b grocery store market

    But this is just seed funding not Series A,B or IPO etc
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    Taliban Relaxing After a Long Hard Day

    Those b52s are in action since decades, can't make difference you have to fight on ground to hold the ground
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    Taliban spokesman give interview to Indian media, says no ties with LeT or JeM

    Don't be happy, they are power hungry let them set once, they are connected with everyone ttp, bla, bra, lem etc. They will cteate unrest in whole south Asia.
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    Taliban has to stop occupation in Afghanistan, Erdoğan says

    He said nothing wrong, soon my countrymen will realise how wrong they were, those who supporting taliban. They are power hungry and they do not recognise durand line. Lwt them come in power they will expand their so called emarat to Pakistan (though they can't do anything but unrest will be...
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    ‘Oil’ discovered on drilling water bore in Islamabad

    Our bore still pumping out water, trust me i checked it
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    Featured Anatolian Eagle 2021 - JF-17 To Pitch Against Rafale and Vipers

    Not true dont be Indians. My fear is that my people are becoming Indians. Bragging, under estimating enemy, self praising and chest thumping, this is not our style. Our style is 27th feb " wait for our surprise " not Bragging n chest thumping.
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    Pakistani startups on a roll as they rake in $120 million in first half of 2021

    Yes trend is upward..... just have joined a VC firm as a portfolio risk manager. Startups gonna be the new hot trend for foreseeable future

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