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  • Snchinese, Sir,

    Sorry to see you have returned. Hope you will not be such a complete jerk your second time around.

    why the hell are you guys talking about leaving?? I'll be more than glad if you change your decisions
    That thread is completely fine. You completely went off topic in the link i provided. When there is no need for measuring contests.. then no need for it. Plus, if you want to leave then leave.

    I am being very fair.
    Hey! How are you Sir? Welcome back in action once again ...Most of us we really miss you ... Happy new year to you ....
    Welcome back brother, I was waiting for you to come back. I like your posts. But please this time do not disappear. I love your presence. :-) Read my posts also please.
    no, you should not wake up the slumbering elephant by poking them constantly and recklessly like those imperialistic colonism did to china!!!! you should keep quiet and let them keep having sleep and off guard......but sometimes a few mocking posts are required to panick/remind them of the facts lah...... but never overdoing it to alarm them!!!!.....
    hi bro, hahaha, you are great , keep it up!
    i really love your comments!
    Man, Your'e So Funny... 你有QQ吗? MSN?给我 , 我加你~~ 
    If you find anybody's posts offensive use the report post button and let us know about it. We are unable to be at all places at the same time and we rely on the usage of the report post button.

    As you know you've been issued countless warnings to bring some degree of civility within your discourse with all members, it has been decided to permanently ban you off if you're going to become more trouble than you're worth around here.

    This is your final warning, behave and speak politely to others and do not abuse anyone or their countries, their religion or their race. You may criticize governmental policies, incidents and social events in that context and no one will stop you. But don't use this forum as a tool to mock any single person, or their nation.

    Being a Pakistani if I can tolerate and welcome Indian members on this forum, I'm pretty sure it should not be that hard for a Chinese. Remember you're here as an ambassador for your nation. How your behavior reflects upon your nation is entirely up to you.

    You already know how all Pakistanis feel about China and this sort of negative portrayal of China (even if by a misguided Chinese) is not appreciated by anyone on this forum.

    I repeat this is the final warning, any more effort won't be spent on this matter. Take it seriously, if you find something wrong that someone else has posted, use the report post option do not engage in it yourself.
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