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    Are TTP mullah coming in Swat, Again?

    Now don't be so dumb. Or If you must ask, the question should be who has the federal gov. Provincial gov does not act at this level. Also - This is not a governance issue - it's a security issue. And security issues do not fall under CM. Your avatar says you're a dumb patwari hence idiotic...
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    Fan Account of Air Marshall Shahid Latif becomes a disgrace

    TTP is finished. There has been no resurgence in last 5-7 years. If there is a resurgence it cannot be without a conspired engineered design to target PTI, exactly a concern Imran khan has voiced in his speech today. If the public opinion can be swung away by blaming resurgence of terrorism on...
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    Are TTP mullah coming in Swat, Again?

    This is all by design and target is PTI gov to change public opinion against PTI even though the PDM gov is in power. Today Imran khan has also said that this is a conspiracy (against PTI vote bank).
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    Fan Account of Air Marshall Shahid Latif becomes a disgrace

    Lol Mastan. That's funny. Is there anything such as a Gov policy in this country? I mean after all that happened in last 4,5 months, people still think this country is being run by a civilian government independently. Big LOL. The way this country runs, if someone is confused is that the...
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    Fan Account of Air Marshall Shahid Latif becomes a disgrace

    Another shahid afridi. He can't gather 50 people for a jalsa himself and is questioning the biggest party of Pakistan which has swept KPK with its performance (not tweets) twice and will do it probably every time in next elections. Right now there's a 2/3 majority sealed for PTI and he thinks...
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    CM Punjab Elahi advises PTI leadership to distance itself from Gill's statement

    Let it happen. Let them sink to their lowest. Because after this get ready for wide ranging reforms in this country which will cover everyone. No one will be spared. Imran khan , PTI , and nation must go thru this final test to do what needs to be done to fix this country. And it will happen.
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    ‘I apologise for running social media campaign against Pak army’

    May be you should try it yourself if you really believe it lol.
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    US used Pakistani airspace for drone that killed al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahri: analysts

    Remember When Imran khan gave the famous Absolutely NOT interview, the junk media started campaigning right away that US did not even ask for any help or bases? Even gullible pakistanis fell for it even though western mainstream media itself reported of CIA seeking new bases in Pakistan for...
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    US used Pakistani airspace for drone that killed al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahri: analysts

    ‘Must be condemned at every level’: Army slams ‘regretful social media campaign’ following chopper crash - Pakistan - DAWN.COM ‘No question of Pakistan soil being used’ for Zawahiri killing In response to a question about the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the DG ISPR said there...
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    PAF Busted IAF Surveillance Aircraft

    LOL - yeah lucky Abhinundun crossed over to Pakistani side while playing with his chichi not realizing that he had drifted over to other side of the border while seeta was screaming her lungs out on air comms 'awaaj aa ree hay nandooo'. Very unlucky ending for a lucky fellow.
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    China will attack Taiwan anytime in preparations of war drills

    Taiwan is too important for china. It cannot allow a US pawn state sitting next door keeping an eye on it with sheer power. Expect a Taiwan take over soon. If China won't do it - US will in some way. Hence China will. And it won't be Russian type op. Basically Taiwan will fall within hours...
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    "Neutrals" guaranteed that crooked ECP Chief would remain unbiased - Imran Khan in interview with IRK

    PTI needs to pursue this case in court and media alike on strict terms of Mala fide intent as well as this joker is a pawn of handlers and not an unbiased person. All argument should be based around his anti-IK anti-PTI political inclination to damage politics of a civilian politician and a...
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    Mafia's final attempt via ECP: Disqualify Imran Khan

    PTI is saying decision is a joke and will not stand in courts. There are technical holes in it size of Jupiter. The amounts come from bank transactions and itself are so small that its senseless to even investigate. Perhaps so. They are right if this was a real country and there were real...
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    Pakistanis - real Pakistanis, need to claim back their land. That process has started under leadership of one true Pakistani - Imran Khan. Pakistanis will regain their second independence as a result of this struggle, and rise as a great nation. InshaAllah.

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