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  • Vocalists?.for me; randy(lamb of god)maynard james keenan(tool,a perfect circle),marco(kataklysm),dez fafara(devildriver)tarja turunen and alexi laiho(children of bodom)
    Guitarists? Alexi laiho(children of bodom),Jeff kendrick(devildriver),jimmy page(led zeppelin),Francois dagenais(kataklysm) are my favourites.but.....the est guitarist is Adam jones(tool).
    Hmm,i heard that 'Aveneged sevenfold' drummer had died last year right?.
    Ya but for me dave(slayer),john boecklin(devildriver) and danny kerry(tool) are favourites in drumming.
    What about fastest drummer..in my view slayer's dave and devildriver's john are the fastest and favourite drummers.and i also like danny kerry of 'tool'..your's?
    right,but nightwish were known for their opera style vocals,but yes i think you are right,i heard few songs sanged by annete,they were'nt bad but still tarja is far better..
    But 'disturbed' has vcome out with good songs from their new album 'asylum',especially the album title song 'asylum',you should litsen to it if you haven't.
    Iron maiden,megadeth,children of bodom , devildriver, Behemoth, Nightwish, Dying fetus, Led zeppelin, Nile, Tool ,A perfect circle, kataklysm, Bullet for my valentine, Diturbed, System of a down, In this moment, Arch enemy, Lamb of god, keep of kalessin, Ozzy osbourne, Icedearth....
    Lol... anyhow it was you who made it, that what matters.
    i like to play with.. hey you know that already ;) Jin ofcourse.
    you are cute, if thats really you, otherwise she is cute :P
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