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    T-99 Armata MBT production to start in 2016

    can't wait to have a glimpse at the beast, the PakFa new prototype is gorgeous and hope the T-99 is similar
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    Vikramditya & the IAC Vikrant Threat To Pakistan Waters

    hehehe nice birthday gift for me Sevmash :D
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    German filmmaker imprisoned for exposing dire QATAR WORLD CUP workers...

    The is something called basic human rights and they are employees not slaves of the Qataris
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    Russia isn't ready to defeat aliens

    If aliens do come, they'll go back to wherever they came from after taking one look at the humans and their stupidity, most probably by the time they arrive we would have exhausted all the resources by fighting and polluted the earth beyond survival level
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    Experts' comparative analysis of performance between J-15 and U.S. F-18

    Man was it a typo or you claiming that a CAS(Su-25) beating the air-superiority(F-15) ?
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    A US Navy With Only 8 Carriers?

    Would have loved to see the real aircraft carrier i.e the Ulyanovsk and her sister ship completed sadly it was not meant to be, thanx for the great pics though
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    Legendary General Vo Nguyen Giap dies, aged 102

    R.I.P general, your victories are forever enshrined in the military history!
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    Over 200 Mizo youths recruited by Indian Army

    We have had 100s of meetings and protests but the central govt wants to grant them citizenship we don't mind so long as they are settled elsewhere, infact speaking from humanitarian point of view they should have been intergrated properly long time ago when our people symphatized with their...
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    Over 200 Mizo youths recruited by Indian Army

    and here comes the chinese masters to rescue with a rape post, just pathetic :omghaha:
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    Over 200 Mizo youths recruited by Indian Army

    we got lots of Chakmas here second largest Chakma population after Mizoram and due to their illegal activities(kidnapping, robbery, rapes) in their camps they are a nuisance, continued practice might lead to communal backlash soon..lucky for them they got settled by the GoI in an area where a...
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    Madras Café – Bollywood In Action

    hehehe better than the PUMP-ACTION SNIPER Rifle in Tango-charlie though :cheesy:
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    Over 200 Mizo youths recruited by Indian Army

    Dude then take back the Bangladeshi migrants in my state and the Chakma refugees and prosper them instead of over crowding and raising communal trouble
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    Additional Sukhois for Chabua base

    i miss the MiG-21s, atleast i could see them when they practice over my farms, these Sukhois fly too high i can only hear them :(
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    Shiv Sainiks force Delhi-Lahore bus to drive over Pakistan's flag

    bhai glass mein puri bottle thori gusega, ek se toh shuru karna parega na, angrezi daru kambakhat bohut mahengi hogai hain yahabbangalore main:undecided:

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