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  • listen, you're a religious guy b/c you're from Pakistan! I'm not muslim b/c I grew up under a fascist Islamic theocracy! An English guy might have his reasons for hating Christianity. An American will usually be religious because his/her society is a religious one and so on!!
    Now if you want to argue as to why I think Islam or any other religion is false than I'm sorry, neither one of us will in a million years convince the other one of anything. All I know is that your society and up bringing has an influence on your decision making. However it's not one person that will influence your opinion, it's our whole society. In Iran we have had pure Islam for 30 years and we saw what it really is and plus, Persian culture and Islam don't really go well together and Pakistanis don't have this problem. In the past, when Islam in Iran wasn't so influential, the two (Islam and Persian culture) had found ways to co-exist but now the two are battling it out for survival and many Iranians have had to choose sides.
    I joined Armed forces just 1 year back ,so i cant help you with Operation which happened 9 years back.
    Official statement from Indian Army is already out , please read it.
    why do you think somebody needs to trick me or has done so?
    Is that how you make your decisions? By relying on others to influence you?
    well...brother nobody is happy when he leaves his own country.............although i enjoy pak life..........it is great to be here............ and u said that u dnt have any afghani frnd ...dnt worry....main hoon na...........
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