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    Surplus power generation in Pakistan: New problems

    Do you even know how refining works????And if you had ever bothered to study you would know that the refining industry wants
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    Surplus power generation in Pakistan: New problems

    Once The HVDC Transmission Line Is Operational Many Issues Can Become Easier To Solve.With SEZ and Relocation of Industries Things Should Get Better Refining Industry Opposes It
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    'Is Rihanna Muslim?' Indians are Googling Pop Star's Religion After Her Tweet on Farmers' Protest

    Rihanna Is My Favorite Singer I Still Remember Her Album Good Girl Gone Bad and The Song Disturbia I Used To Have On Loop
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    Vivo Has Officially Started Making Phones in Pakistan

    Those were much better times
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    Vivo Has Officially Started Making Phones in Pakistan

    Lets give the devil his due.During Nawaz era five companies stepped forward in this regard https://netmag.pk/5-companies-want-set/ https://propakistani.pk/2016/03/15/gfive-starts-manufacturing-phones-with-made-in-pakistan-label-on-them/
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    CPEC to help boost tea cultivation along its route

    Pakistan has the climate and land to grow every kind of crop.PARC has done a great job in this regard 1.Avocado https://agrieducation.pk/avocado-can-grow-in-pakistan/ 2.Kiwi Fruit...
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    Honey Increase , reports in Pakistan after Billion Tree Tsunami Project

    So the billion tree tsunami now has got a business model nice.We should also start planting fruit trees. Olive tree cultivation has already started
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    Govt Approves New Investment Policy To Increase Exports and Capital

    True .Pakistan should offer takeover offer or at least equity investments in return for guaranteed purchases from Pakistani industry over long term period. That would be revolutionary
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    4 Companies Are Planning to Convert All of Thar’s Coal to Gas And Liquid

    The things we can do with lignite are infinite 1.Polyester Fibre from Coal https://cen.acs.org/business/petrochemicals/Polyester-made-coal-China-betting/97/i3 2.Synthetic Diesel and Gasoline https://www.technologyreview.com/2006/04/19/39349/clean-diesel-from-coal/...
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    SECP Launches Electronic Certificate to Promote Ease of Doing Business

    I am expecting an improvement in Pakistan's EDB ranking this time
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    Shaber Zaidi ex chairman FBR revelations about Tax mafia and admission of his failure

    Shabbar Zaidi was an honest man unfortunately the FBR mafia just didn't let him work
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    Interest in cellphone assembly grows as smuggling falls

    An interesting incident happened today i went to a local dealer of computers and laptops and was inquiring about different brands of laptops and asked about the local Haier branded laptops.He jokingly quipped "Wo sirf Shabaz Sharif de raha hai" meaning they're not in the...
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    Smartphone policy – say hello to localization

    An electronics policy was made way back in 2009 but never saw the light of day https://www.dawn.com/news/444708/electronic-policy-draft-being-prepared I strongly believe that this mobile phone policy should have been part of an overall vision for Digital Pakistan with linkages with IT and...
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    Impose duty on Indian yarn: Bangladeshi textile millers urge govt

    I Thought Bangladesh Only Had RMG Industry While all Yarns And Fabrics Were Imported
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    Bangladesh vegetable exporters may lose ME market to India

    Certain Indian Vegetables Are Banned Due To Overuse of Pesticides

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