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    Red Mosque's Maulana Abdul Aziz is threatening policemen with violence

    Can't he be killed in a supposed road accident... that man is a walking fitna....
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    Afghanistan latest bayan from Al-Aqsa. Call for khilafah.

    I think we should get our affairs straight .. and wait for Imam Mahdi (AS) ... and make things for him a bit easier by correcting overselves... And wait for him to declare the caliphate...
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    Question to civil engineers here

    Yep you are correct.. the more high rise a building the more load it has.. which has to be transmitted below ground and those layers of foundation are given to it depending on the load and type of soil.. but these type cost very much and I think Dhaka lies on the seismic activity lines... So it...
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    Question to civil engineers here

    When undertaking such projects ..they are analyzed from all aspects including geotechnical and economical point of view.. it can be built but does the cost outweigh the benefits..... These buildings depend on the type of foundation given... That alone depend on various factors..
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    BREAKING! Kandahar has been captured!

    Kandahar and Herat have fallen... Now what remains is mazar I sharif and afterwards kabul as Taliban have penetrated in logar...
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    Video Gamers report in!

    Has anybody heard about a new RPG called Avowed... Man its trailer was quite exciting...
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    My Mother Passed Away Kindly Pray for Her Magfirah

    May Allah (SWT) grant your mother the highest rank in jannat. Ameen.
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    Talibans Newly Graduated Units From Badri-313 Battalion

    I have not seen these type of forces on the battlefield in Afghanistan.... Are these equipment just for show???... In every video its the typical afghan Taliban lad with his AK and sandals etc...
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    16 security personnel killed in Taliban attack near Afghanistan's Salma Dam

    Indian gangus must be extra butt hurt right now.... Seeing their investment going down the drain.... Indians should send in their units to defend their investment.. LMAO
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    China develops 71 vaccines against COVID-19: top epidemiologist

    So Sinopharm and sinovac are effective for Indian gangu variant ..???

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