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  • yahaan a jao lolz . wesy kisi achi si gari main beth ker chala ja marriott aik mint ki baat hai .lolz
    Hi bro, I'm just an ordinary but die-hard PMLN and NS fan but yes i can't even a member of it.
    Pakistans UAVs are tactical, not stretegic, i.e. short range, not long range. Typically they operate within 50~200 kms from their deployment, from where they go to desired location and keep station for long durations (~10hrs), relaying real-time enemy acticity and data. They are deployed with mobile control stations and can be launched/recovered with small unpaved runways. They are mostly to compliment ground forces to relay accurate enemy deployment/target coordinates. They are not designed to pentrate into enemy territory, because unlike Taliban, Indians have radars to detect them and can deply and shoot it down if it wanders into India, just like the way PAF destroyed Indian Searcher UAV when it wandered into Pakistani. In Indo-Pak scenario, all stretegic reconaisance is accomplished using satelites and espionage, and to some some extent by fighter-jets equipped with jamming and reconaisance equipment during war times; but no one wanders into enemy territory during peace times.
    my office network does not support youtube, ill watch it when i reach home.
    thanks for your patience to reply me
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