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    1. Jako
      Hi sir,saw your post in 'proud to be poor' thread.....though embarassing i feel no harm to accept my inability in remembering the lyrics of many beatifull bangla songs!......just to hide my embarassment,here goes my tribute to the beauty of bengal and my motherland-'amaro parono jaha chay....tumi tai.....tumi taaai gooo'---amar ma,amar bangla!,....heheh
    2. Jako
      Congrats on becoming a CAPTAIN in thd forum world,sir.......sending u ak hanri e-rosogollas!!!....regards
    3. SeaGull
      Yes, this is a great thread - hop in by all means.

      I didn't notice my promotion - I hope Jako notices it to send us his shorosh RoshoGollas. I can't find such roshogollas here.

      Thank you
    4. eastwatch
      Thank you SG for all your words. I will try to participate in many of the threads that involve Bangladesh. But, it is quite difficult for me to start a new thread on water resources, because presently, I do not have the information books with me. I write only from memory and imagination.

      No one can be sure if India will ultimately build a dam or not. But, there is no way we can relax. About Farakka, it was built to divert water to Bhagirothi to increase water depth at Haldia port for easy navigation of ships there. But, instead, India could have built a sluice gate at the mouth of Bhagirothi with the provision of entry/exit facilities for the ships. During high moon-tides, which is about 4 to 5 metre in the Bay of Bengal, the entry/exit points are opened for the ships to come in and go out. You will have to imagine the proposal minutely to understand it. My proposal says of no diversion of water at Farakka. Instead, it says to use the natural 4 to 5m deep moon-tides (JOAR) to increase the depth at Haldia. When moon-tides are at low ebb (BHATA), then the gates are closed. Inside Haldia water depth remains 4 to 5m higher than the sea itself. The proposal I am making would have saved BD from all those curses that the Farakka has imposed on us.

      But, an alternative proposal like this was not forwarded either by the Pakistan or BD govt at the time when Farakka was on the drawing board.

      Sorry, I am not Delta. These are my first posts although I became a member of this forum about a year ago. Regards.
    5. eastwatch
      Thanks for your encouraging words. Note that India always says it will not DIVERT any water. But, my estimate shows they will keep on withholding 50% of water during the lean season. But, not being technical persons, our political leaders have not yet grasped the danger of Tipaimukhi. The way they talk it becomes meaningless jargon.
    6. Jako
      No problem sir.......please visit kolkata if you get time......you shall enjoy the visit surely........bangladeshis are always welcome in my city,and get some roshogollas from the place of its origin!!!.....
    7. Jako
      Hi,when you post pictures click the image button, (the one with mountains in yellow background),beside the hyperlink one.........your images would appear that way.....hope this wud help you,regards
    8. SeaGull
      Thank u Leon, my young brother for yr advice. The Mods haven't gotten on my neck yet.
      You are doing quite good yourself - I never thought there was so much in you and I am rather surprised. I shall be coming up with my own evaluation of the situation that are being discussed.
      Thank you. God Bless
    9. MBI Munshi
      MBI Munshi
      Thanks for your extensive and detailed reply. I am just a General on this forum as I have in excess of 2500 postings on PDF. By profession I am a barrister but am also involved in business. I am lawyer to Col. Syed Farook Rahman and am on familiar terms with all the 15th August coup leaders so I guess we have something in common. I also have had contacts with Gen. Moin and several of the other Generals involved in 1/11 but they went in completely the wrong direction. I have also written a book titled 'The India Doctrine (1947-2007) which I think explains itself. I look forward to reading more of your posts here.
    10. Al-zakir
      Salam bro and welcome to Pak.def. I like your posts so far. You seem to be the person who knows his stuff. Good to see you here. It a good forum to send our message out there. Joint effort can bring about the change we all desire.

      There is a introduction thread where new member can introduce them to the forum. This way admins and mods will be aware of your presence.
    11. MBI Munshi
      MBI Munshi
      Good to see you here SeaGull. You seem to be someone who is familiar with the workings of our armed services. I hope you will provide us with some insightful information.... and I will definitely be staying tuned.
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