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  • Hello sir,
    I am from Delhi
    I have request to you and hope you can pass on to other members since you are a senior member.

    Let us not discuss or tell about some strategic positions, demography of the area where you live and any establishment near to your house. I hope you can understand. Let's us be low profile. It's good for us.
    Through this form one can have a lot of information about our current Projects and planning without really doing a hardwork.
    Hope you will take this as a consideration.
    Thanking you!!
    Man Your user Name should have been "Statistical Skul"l!!!
    Excellent Post(s) with excellent statistical explanations.

    Hats off to ur effort. I can understand the pain u take to come up with these quality posts. Keep it up.
    I wish i could give more than just ONE "Thank" to u.. Your individual posts deserves far more than that.

    All the Best Mate.
    hi buddy gr8 posts from u. I would like to hear more info on thorium based reactors,their latest status. Hope u post them soon.
    suggest shift to thread Cold Start Revisited for discussion pertaining to that

    Corps are not out. Divisions are out. IBG is a corps level concept in refinement now. Bhopal based 21 Corps (of IPKF descent) is undergoing the necessary retrofits for the same.

    And cold start is an old doctrine, only being applied now with IBGs whose basis lie in F-INSAS. Looking forward to discussion on the same with you

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