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    The Hypersonic Arms Race Between the US, China & Russia

    The development of hypersonic weapons has made it difficult to distinguish between nuclear weapons and non-nuclear strategic weapons. Yet, it has made it clear that hypersonic weapons cannot be taken lightly. The strategic instability created by these weapons has triggered a hypersonic arms race...
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    A Biography of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan: The Father of Pakistan’s Atomic Weapons Program

    The author, Ziyad Sheikh, narrates the life of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan as a tribute to his legacy. He worked in earnest to turn Pakistan into an atomic power, thus immortalizing his name as the 'father of Pakistan's atomic weapons program.' To read the complete article, visit...
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    Bosnia-Pakistan Relations: Building on a Strong Foundation

    The cooperation between Pakistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina can be traced back to the Bosnian civil war which was responsible for 100,000 casualties. During the war, Pakistan supplied weapons to the Bosnians, despite the UN-imposed arms embargo, and airlifted refugees into its territory. The...
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    Group Captain Saiful Azam and Air Commodore Sattar Alvi: A Tale of Two Shaheens

    The author, Damiya Saghir, uncovers two unnoticed figures in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). Introducing Group Captain Saiful Azam and Air Commodore Sattar Alvi - two daring and wonderful air fighters. To read the complete article, visit: https://www.paradigmshift.com.pk
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    Will CPEC Usher in a Digitalization Revolution in Pakistan?

    Digital technology has impacted every major sector of the world and revolutionized the way humans interact and operate businesses. Recognizing the worth of the world’s digital economy, the incumbent government of Pakistan has set off on a path to digitalize the state. The author, Syed Saddam...
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    The September 11 Attacks & the Afghan War: Role of US Neoconservatives

    The author, Muhamad Onais Baryal, explores how the neoconservatives presented and used the US's war on terror since the 9/11 attacks. Neoconservatives demonstrated the commitment to advancing freedom in Afghanistan as the torchbearer of freedom. They also used the reductionist narrative and...
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    Sino-US Trade War During Trump's Presidency

    This article is aimed at explaining the fractured relationship between China and the United States during Trump's term in office. The author explores different conflicts of this era which include the trade war and the 5G race, among others. The future of Sino-US relations depends on how...
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    What Is Pegasus Spyware and How Will It Change Cyberwarfare?

    Pegasus spyware is a spying software developed by NSO Group, an Israeli surveillance company. Many governments and political leaders have been accused of using the software to observe their targets' movements - the targets being prominent journalists and important political figures like the...
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    The Rise of Russia and China: Is America in Decline?

    After spending almost three decades as the world’s sole superpower, the United States of America has finally reached the point where its downfall begins. The US’ economic, military, and political prowess is being rivaled by Russia and China. Abdul Majeed, a political researcher and former...
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    Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan: How Pakistan Contained the Menacing Insurgency

    The paper highlights how the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a terrorist group, lost its momentum. The paper also discusses how the political and military leadership (with public support) contributed to taking decisive action against it. While evaluating the TTP's behavioral patterns, the...
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    Romancing Israel at Palestine’s Expense

    The author believes that without a collective effort of the Muslim community, any solution to the Palestine-Israel problem will be one-sided and laced with unfairness. Israel, with the unwavering support of the United States, continues to gain acknowledgment and support from the rest of the...
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    The Financial Action Task Force and Pakistan: A Political Agenda

    Despite complying and delivering on 26 of the 27 points of the FATF's action plan, Pakistan finds itself caught in a spider web, spun by the United States and India. The FATF has now issued a new six-point action plan for the country, leaving Pakistan in a bind. The FATF's discrimination...
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    The Single National Curriculum (SNC) in Pakistan: An Inadequate Option

    The current government has proposed a single national curriculum (SNC) for all educational institutes in Pakistan. The curriculum encompasses the indoctrination of a singular view of religion (and may continue to encourage rote learning) posing a continuing threat to pluralism, child...
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    India's Likely NSG Membership: The Bias Against Pakistan

    India and Pakistan are entangled in a security dilemma which is leading to a costly and perilous arms race in the region. With the support of the global superpowers, India is set to be made a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) despite the serious threats and risks w.r.t. their nuclear...
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    Islamophobia in Canada: An Increasingly Vicious Trend

    The recent terrorist attack on a Muslim family in Canada is just one case of the rising Islamophobia in the West. While Western state governments usually express solidarity with the victims, no effective steps are really taken to dismantle and eradicate the intensifying xenophobia in these...

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