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    1. haviZsultan
      Yeah it means long live Pakistan. :)

      India has been promoting terror in sri lanka for a long period and it must be stopped at all costs. Sri lankans are bleeding and India continues to harbor its intentions of akhand bharat and somehow controlling the country.

      We need to unite. All south asians. You will see what u said here is being said by nepalis and bangladeshis as well as Pakistanis. We are all victims of Indian terror. Yet the media and propaganda of these people is so powerful that anyone who tries to expose their activities becomes a victim. Even our defence analysis unit has 2 nepalis a sri lankan and pakistanis all united to expose indian terror in the sub continent and create a more peaceful world where our children can live in peace.

      I only yesterday read how sri lanka has the capability to be a prime tourist destination without the terrorism india backs and it is quite sad. The same is being done to Pakistan by RAW intelligence in our tribal areas, Swat and Balochistan. Same is the case with Nepal where they try to get an indian favorable government.

      Long Live Sri Lanka and Pakistan. We are with you and we are all victims. Our unity is our strength.
    2. ahmeddsid
      no no, i was not talking about conflict, i was asking about a printing press, a very famous printing press in your area, It was mentioned in a book I read like 3 years ago. And I know ur place is away from the conflict zone! Anyways Forget I ever asked! God Speed.
    3. ahmeddsid
      Hi there, how u doing? whats happening with the Printing Press there in your hometown??? It was mentioned in a Book about the Cost Of Conflict in Sri Lanka.
    4. haviZsultan
      We both have a very dangerous neighbor.

      Long live Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
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