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    Sukhoi-30 MKI most versatile aircraft with IAF : Ex IAF Chief

    That needs to be seen, since it might depend on where the replacement of older Migs is more pressing. With the ongoing problems of the Mig 27, it's likely that IAF will phase out the 4 Mig 27 squads, with the 4 remaining MKI squads and if I remember correctly most of them are at the western borders.
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    Indian Air Force News & Discussions

    Engines from the same manufacturer, but varients of eachother and not the same once. HAL's LUH is suppose to get a smaller Shakti engine and it needs to be seen when the deal is finalized which engines the Ka226 will get.
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    'Make in India': Korean major Hyundai to build warships in India

    Which partially is based on the very good marketing campaing of the BJP since the elections (the Congress can learn a lot in this field), but also because people doesn't really care! The general perception is negative for the UPA years, therefore people don't bother to look at what actually was...
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    IAF to fly Sukhois at British air exercise

    Which again shows your limited view on the exercise. The last exercise in India for example included RAF and IAF AWACS, because one prime focus of that exercise was to train BVR combats with AWACS support and not the dogfights you reduced it too. The recent exercise with French Rafales, were...
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    HAL Tejas | Updates, News & Discussions-[Thread 2]

    I hope so, but it depends on how the rest of the test and integration phase will go on this year. We have to get the parts from Chobham and have to add A2A capabilities to make the fighter useful. The EW issues that the CAG report pointed out, are a downer too, but could be handled easier (no...
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    IAF to fly Sukhois at British air exercise

    By the personal statement you added (and that I quoted) to the link because that's the part that showed your disruptive intent, which as the forum rules describe as trolling. It would had been much better to get more news and infos about the exercise, to see what aircrafts IAF will use, because...
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    HAL Tejas | Updates, News & Discussions-[Thread 2]

    Well one can still be happy about the other half, but the question is, is that enough? There is no doubt about that the overall fighter project has some achievements too and the most important part is the fact that it adds much to the capability of the Indian aviation industry. But that alone...
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    IAF to fly Sukhois at British air exercise

    Which is exactly the reason, why this shouldn't be just another pointless vs thread and maybe you should advise him about that.
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    IAF to fly Sukhois at British air exercise

    Negative rating for: defence.pk/rules/ @waz, @Chak Bamu Honestly guys, how many threads do have to end in this manner, only because his sole intention is to create blame games? There was not even a chance to discuss the topic, since he spoiled it with the 2nd post already and we all know...
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    160 Sukhoi-30s Delivered by HAL: Chairman

    The additional 42 MKIs that we ordered, were also ordered from HAL's lines, to keep the production line busy, until FGFA production can start, which was facing delays. So the timeframe already is set to deliver them between 2017/19 and then turn the production line to FGFA. For MMRCA, a new...
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    HAL Tejas | Updates, News & Discussions-[Thread 2]

    When the first paragraph already counters the whole point of the article, then you know that it's written by Ajay Shukla. :D CAG reports are to highlight issues in projects, not to celebrate achievements. The less problems a project has, the less the CAG report has to complain, but it is about...
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    Airbus-TATA C-295 Transport Aircraft Deal Likely To Be Approved By DAC

    The fact that 2 different governments couldn't convince Indian industry giants about follow orders tells the opposite. In fact only ICG seems to be interested, while IN clearly is on a shopping spree for more costly toys. Not to mention that there is another seperate project with the RTA 70 from...
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    Dassault Rafale, tender | News & Discussions [Thread 2]

    So much for the dreams of getting 2 squads in 2 years and even worse, more fighters from their lines means higher chance for the final death of MMRCA.
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    Airbus-TATA C-295 Transport Aircraft Deal Likely To Be Approved By DAC

    They have to make the production line cost-efficient (that's what the Indian industry complained about) and even if 2 more is not much, it's something. Disappointing though, that they still didn't combined requirements.
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    Make in India: Gurgaon-based Sun Group may partner Russia to make Kamov helicopters

    Which is exactly the point! Even the procution start of a foreign aircraft in India is usually timed with 3 years after singnature of the contract. So even for the Kamov helicopter, we talk about 2018! If that wouldn't be the case, the MoD wouldn't had to buy additional Cheetak helicopters from...

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