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  • Very interesting

    I wasn't aware they plan to install a IR MAWS on it.

    As far as the 3D TVC, you can ofcourse have (some) 3D TVC with closely coupled engines, but as I said it would only help with yaw.

    if the engines are not widely spaced, they cannot help with roll, thus making the plane more maneuverable on the roll axis.

    if you look at the following image

    you will see a small sphere behind the cockpit.

    Russians have identified this as being a second IRST sensor.

    we don't yet know if that is going to be installed in the final version of the plane. We will see.

    The T50 is radically different from the Su27. It is an evolution of the design but it is not the same as the F15 and the F15SE.

    These two are essentially the same plane with stealth modifications. you can change a few parts on the plane and go back to the F15E.

    This is not the case with the PAKFA and the Su27. You can't change parts between them and derive either plane.

    They are simply part of the same lineage. The design lessons from the Su27 have been put into practice in the PAKFA T50.

    How stealthy the T50 will be, we don't know. I don't expect it to be as stealthy as the F22 personally, but I expect it to be stealthy enough to fight the F22 on a 1:1 basis.

    The T-50 is initially thought to have 2 radars. 1 AESA X band radar and one L band radar possibly positioned on the leading edges of the wings + lerx.

    There is a possibility of a third radar placed in the rear tail sting. That would be facing rearwards and perhaps will be for detecting emissions coming from the rear of the plane or for true 360deg situational coverage..

    This information can be found in air power australia site where they provide analyses of the plane as well.

    For Sukhoi it was a very good choice to pursue this design.
    They know it from the su27s, they have a lot of experience which means they can develop the plane a lot faster.
    This is what people call evolution instead of design from scratch.
    The plane will be good and will cost less than the F22 .. what more could one want. ?

    As for the merits of such a design.. well, it offers clear advantages for weapons load space, fuel space and extreme agility .. we don't yet know if the stealth will be good enough. The wide separation of the engines is necessary for the 3D TVC .. the engines need to have some space between them or the 3D movement will have no meaning.

    that is why the F22 which has the engines side by side, has only 2D TVC.
    Hi Sancho -

    Wish you and your family a very happy and prosporous new year.:)

    Thanks Sancho:)

    Iam happy that you are back, teh forum was dying of some real discussion and its nice to have your company here.
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