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Feb 5, 2009
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    1. Firemaster
    2. Firemaster
      thanks for accepting friend request mate
    3. Abingdonboy
    4. SpArK
      Dont worry mate.. we are all for learning new things everyday. Besides u have some unanswered questions to answer. LOL
    5. SpArK
      Havent seen u around in the other place...
    6. Omega007
      Actually I was to excited to join this forum(thanks to members like you,gogbot,rpraveenkum,xixix etc) and I rejistered here from a cafe.But only after about a fortnight it got closed.That's why no post for 1 year
    7. Omega007
      Thanks man for accepting my request.Like your views very much.
    8. KS

      Whats the correspondinf technology of the PIRATE on Rafale ?

      Is it the SPECTRA ?
    9. Lord Of Gondor
      Lord Of Gondor
      Sir,I've read that the G-force exposure parameters of the Tejas are restricted by softwares?Is this real or is the Tejas poised to achieve around 7G's instead of 8.5?
      I also read that the top speed of the Tejas is electronically restricted to Mach 1.6 or is this due to some other known/unknown features of the aircraft(Read-Design Flaws.).
      Second question-The Payload for the MiG-29SMT is around 4500 Kilo-Grams whereas that of the Tejas is around 4000 Kilo-Grams.Also the Tejas is not as maintainance hungry as the MiG-29SMT's so why can't our Air Force shift to the Tejas?Given that the MiG-29SMT's are also in need of spare parts which Russia's ignoring!
      Will the 500 Kilo-Gram difference in payload matter or the WVR engagement capabilities of the MiG-29SMT's outweigh the Tejas' pro's?
    10. blackops
      hello sir i have a question to ask about mmrca deal lately some of my friends who's dad are working with iaf have told me that f18 and rafale were the final two and most probably f18 will win given its lower coast proven platform and a faster rate of production also they said the numbers may reach around about 200 so in the end what do you think about this also which one will you prefere
    11. Markus
      Hey Buddy, congrats on crossing the 3000 posts mark.
    12. GORKHALI
      sancho ji!! An amature question for you ,i know you gonna lol at me 4 this :lol: - ok Can Su 30 carry drop tanks ?? I mean i never saw a single image featuring drop tanks ,i know Su 30 gotta hell lot of internal fuel but so is F15 ,both are in same class kinda made for each other lol..
    13. GORKHALI
    14. kingdurgaking
      Multi role capable means, that a fighter is able to use A2A and A2G weapons, but that doesn't mean Mig 29, or MKI are strike fighters. They are designed to be air superiority fighters, with high speed and maneuverability for A2A combats in mind. The only real difference that makes a Su 30MK version more useful in the strike role, compared to a Su 35, is the twin seat config. Apart from that the Su 35 has the same payload, the same number of weapon stations, the same weapons, in most cases even the same EW systems.The changes on MKI are even extra made and taken from early Su 35 prototypes, to make the MK more useful in the A2A role (long range radar, canards and TVC for higher maneuverability to counter the heavier weight)!
      Real strike fighters are designed for low level flights, because that makes them hard to detect, that's why the Su 34 has specialised avionics, for low level and terrain following flights unlike MKI. The Su 34 is also a multi role fighter, but clearly designed for strikes, with the additional capability to use A2A weapons as well.
      In MMRCA we have EF and the Mig that are designed for air superiority, the F18SH on the other end for strikes, while Gripen NG (to some extend), but mainly the F16 and the Rafale fits perfectly in between.

      This is what i mentioned sirjee.. MKI can be configured for strike role... it is a true multi role aircraft.. and it is more potent with the super upgrade... which means we have a potent strike fighter right?? so you feel MKI is less powerful than Rafale?? as per me it can outsmart any fighter less than 5 th gen.. any day it can take Rafale for toss...with Brahmos and As there is no reference any where in net which mentions MKI cannot fly low level flying i dont want to comment of the low level flights but since the Radar is mapped to GPS or high-precision laser-inertial i guess it can do ground level flying... further low level flying is attributed to pilots ability....

      Mig 27 will be phased out right now and mainly replaced by MKI squads, only 2 squads will remain till 2025 or so. Jags will be upgraded, but mainly for life extention, not to be very capable, when air superiority is achieved they can be useful, but not in a deep strike mission to an area with AWACS and dense SAM threats. That leaves IAF with MKI and only 50 x Mirage 2000s and the MKI as I explained is not a real strike fighter.

      Sirjee Mig 27 upgrades completed just now in 2009.. there lifes are extended for a decade... so they are air worthy tell 2020... by then we will have MMRCA and FGFA coming in place.. we have deep strike capability till then.. b.t.w. FGFA will become Air superiority so what role will MKI will play after that? it will be doing deep strike penetration ... these MKI will be replaced by AMCA in future.... and you can understand from the current development and upgrades that are taken .... And am i reiterating deep strike fighters will take place only when Air superiorty is achieved or SEAD operations is carried...even if you send F-35 it will be suicidal if you dont have air superiority.

      Again, that depends on the situation! In a situation like after Mumbai attacks, when you want to do preemptive strikes on terrorist camps, do you want to fight PAF first right? Even at the begining of a war, you normally try to strike high value targets first, to weaken the enemy as much as possible, like the situation described in the carnegie report as well, with striking airbases to destroy as much AWACS aircrafts and fighters as possible, right on the ground.
      PAF is a dead snake now.... you and every one knows... they are in defensive mode... they will fight only when we are in war with china... other than that there will be proxy war's like kargil... and still you can understand because of Mig -29 only PAF didnt participate otherwise it would have been a big battle ground there... If the same fighter is carrying both A2A and A2G it wont be a good mission because there wont be importance for the particular mission and will be a suicidal failure.. instead if you have one air superiority and one ground attack seperately the chance of misssion to succeed will be more.. the greatest deep strike air craft which can carry brahmos like missile will be MKI and to cover that Griphen is more than enough.. with AESA and meteor missile in its wing it will be more deadly with a less operation cost..

      LCA and griphen cant be compared.. and secondly what make you feel LCA is a mistake??

      As you can see, there is hardly something that the NG offers more, that Tejas MK2 can't and on the other hand the Rafale still offers a clear difference.
      Btw, I didn't said LCA is a mistake, but to choose such a light engine, with a heavy class engine instead, it would be in the F16 / J10 weight class.

      Sirjee what IAF wants is LCA Mk2 type aircraft in its aersenal... and it needs more... now MMRCA is a stop gap measure for that... if LCA MK1 had exhibited that kind of capability even by 2004 this MMRCA wouldnt have been matured and MMRCA would have had curtains down... which shows Griphen kind of fighter is more than enough for the mission they are looking for .... Initially Mirage 2000 was strongest contender for MMRCA... we dont need anything more from NG ... we need what is promised and by 2014.. if Griphen is selected for next level i think it should have the maximum chance.... Point a weapon type that can be carried by Rafale and not by Griphen except Nuke?

      Rafale is a over kill with MKI in the aersenal.. we dont want so much money spent on the fighter is my argument... We have a redudant fighter in the aersenal ...
    15. jha
      Thanks..Hadn't read the article ..But no mention of India..
      Deal's signed, right..?
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